Creative SXFI GAMER: New USB-C-Headet introduced

With the SXFI Gamer Creative presents its latest top headset. Features of the new flagship include a battle-mode sound profile, a commander mic and futuristic-looking RGB lighting.

Adjusted Super-X-Fi mode for FPS

The new headset is being touted by the manufacturer as a synthesis of all the many changes and improvements to their own headsets over the past two years. The final result of these developments is the Battle Mode, a special sound profile which is basically a Super-X-Fi mode optimized for FPS gaming. In this sound profile, ambient imaging, sound cues, distance projection and directionality are enhanced. This is to achieve maximum precision without compromising the sound experience of Super-X-Fi mode. With this innovation, Creative explicitly addresses competitive players for whom even small sound advantages can make a noticeable contribution to success.

Beyond that the new Commander-Mic should bring advantages: With integrated pop protection and noise elimination it should be able to guarantee best transmission quality. In addition, there is a kevlar-reinforced USB cable, which is supposed to be particularly durable, as well as RBG lighting of the auricles, which displays 16.7 million colours and can be individually adjusted.

The new headset SXFI Gamer is now available via the website of the manufacturer. The price is around 130 Euro.

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