Dell expands Latitude 7000 series – now also with 15 inches

At this year’s CES, Dell presented some additions to the Latitude 7000 series. Besides a completely new product, the company presented two updated versions of already existing models. The high-end business series is thus significantly strengthened.

Latitude 7520: A new model with a large screen

With the Latitude 7520 model, Dell fills a major gap in the Latitude 7000 series portfolio. Until now, no version with a 15-inch display existed, which presumably bothered many interested buyers – after all, it is a quite common format that Dell definitely served in other product lines. Now, the company has decided to close this gap in the portfolio with the Latitude 7520. The convertible offers Full HD resolution in the base version, but can also be purchased with Ultra HD resolution. Processors are from the eleventh generation of the Intel Core series. The strongest processor offered is the i7 vPro 4-Core. Depending on the selected features, the processor is supported by up to 32 GB of DDR4 working memory. There are also various options for the internal storage – you can choose between a total of three SSD options. A maximum storage capacity of one terabyte is possible.

Latitude 7420 and 7320 are relaunched

Alongside, Dell unveiled redesigns of the already available Latitude 7420 and Latitude 7320 models. Like the new 7520 model, the Latitude 7420 is available in both Full HD and Ultra HD resolution. However, the screen diagonal only measures fourteen inches here. Processor, working memory and SSD options do not differ from the 7520 model.
The Latitude 7320 model comes with the same hardware options as the other two detachables, but resolves exclusively in Full HD. The screen diagonal measures thirteen inches in this model.
Overall, the redesign is not too extensive compared to last year’s models. They are slightly thinner, a bit more compact and achieve an increased brightness of now up to 400 candela per square meter compared to the predecessors.

Prices and Availability

The new devices are expected to be available in the U.S. starting in March. Pricing information has not yet been released.

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