Dell presents huge monitors for presentations

Dell recently presented two particularly large and especially high-resolution monitors that are supposed to bring noticeable and especially visible advantages especially in conferences and meetings. The screens are also multi-touch capable.

Two very similar models

The presented C6522QT and C5522QT models are very similar. Only in size do the two screens differ. While the C6522QT measures 65 inches diagonally, the C5522QT brings it to 55 inches. Both are thus clearly above-average in size and tailored to the needs of larger conferences and meetings with many participants.

4K resolution and IPS panel

With a 4K resolution and an IPS panel as a basis, the monitors are supposed to provide razor-sharp images that can still be seen well in the last row. Dell also points out the so-called screen drop function, which allows trimming the display’s height on the software side. This should make it possible for people with significantly different heights to work together on the display without problems. The multi-touch functionality, which both devices have, aims in a similar direction: Up to twenty different inputs should be able to be registered simultaneously, which primarily serves teamwork. In addition to the fingers, a special pen, the stylus, can also be used for input. Inputs can be deleted by wiping with the palm of the hand.

Integrated speakers and other features

The displays are also equipped with integrated 20-watt speakers. Sounds can thus be played without installing separate technology, which should simplify the preparations for a meeting considerably and accommodate spontaneous gatherings. Laptops and smartphones can be connected via USB-C cable and are charged with up to 90 watts when connected. A micro-PC can also be integrated into the display if desired, which would make connecting external devices unnecessary.

Prices and availability

Both displays are expected to be available from March 30. Prices, meanwhile, are not yet known.

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