Dell UP3221Q – 4K display with 2.000 mini LEDs launches for 4.499 Euro

The new Dell UP3221Q 32-inch UHD monitor will go on sale in early November for 4,499 euros. Thanks to its 2,000 individually dimmable mini LEDs and the integrated colorimeter from Calman, the hardware is aimed primarily at professional users who are not deterred by the high price.

The so-called HDR PremierColor monitor has an IPS panel with 4K resolution (3,840 × 2,160 pixels). Thanks to the large number of individually controllable LEDs, the new Dell flagship is designed to provide particularly good local dimming with barely visible transitions between dark and light areas. The maximum punctual brightness of 1,000 cd/m², guaranteed by the Vesa standard DisplayHDR 1000, is also impressive.

Monitor for photographers and content creators

The monitor’s other specifications also show that the Dell UP3221Q is designed specifically for demanding photographers and other content creators. The DCI-P3 is 99.8 percent covered by the 10-bit panel, while the Adobe RGB and BT.2020 color spaces, which are less important in the industry, are 93 percent and 83 percent covered, respectively. To prevent reflections and misrepresented colors, the Dell UP3221Q comes with a magnetic anti-glare hood.

As usual with IPS panels, the viewing angle is 178 degrees horizontally and vertically. The contrast ratio is 1,300:1, and the response time ranges from 6 ms gray to gray (fast mode), 8 ms (normal mode) and 14 ms, depending on the picture mode.

Realistic color display

The display is delivered pre-calibrated ex works. According to Dell, the color deviation is therefore on average less than 1 (dE < 1). In order to recalibrate the monitor during use, the Dell UP3221Q has an integrated colorimeter from Calman in the lower edge of the screen, which is automatically extended over the monitor and automatically recalibrates the colors with software. Alternatively, external colorimeters can be used for recalibration.

Thunderbolt-3 interface

For connection to a notebook, the Dell UP3221Q 4K display has a Thunderbolt 3 interface (40 Gbit/s), which can also be charged with 90 watts. Thanks to the daisy-chain technology it is possible to connect a second display with 4K resolution. In addition, the display supports picture-by-picture via two video inputs used in parallel. A single color space can be assigned to each image section.

The following connections are available:

  • DisplayPort 1.4
  • HDMI 2.0 (2x)
  • Thunderbolt-3-Upstream (90 Watt)
  • Thunderbolt-3-Downstream (15 Watt)
  • Audio output
  • USB-A-3.2 (2x)

According to Dell, the power consumption is 70 watts. However, the power supply can draw up to 300 watts when all connections are used.

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