Dell’s mid-range Latitude 5000 series gets an addition

Dell has taken a good look at its business portfolio and released four new models in three sizes in the mid-range. In the process, the manufacturer has done away with the old familiar TrackPoint.

Four new models for the Latitude 5000 series

Dell comes up with four new models at once, with the Latitude 5320 and a convertible variant, the Dell Latitude 5320 2-in-1 as a 13.3-inch. In addition, there is the Dell Latitude 5420 with a 14 inch panel and last but not least, the Latitude 5520 in 15.6 inches. The new models are thinner and also lighter than the previous models in the range. To achieve this, the display bezel has been reduced and is thus more compact. Of course, the 15-inch version has saved the most weight. The predecessor, the Latitude 5510, weighed 1.87 kg, whereas the new Latitude 5520 weighs just 1.59 kg. In order to save so much weight, Dell naturally had to tweak the features of the notebooks. For example, the RJ45 Ethernet port has been removed from the Latitude 5320. The battery capacity has also been reduced somewhat. It has gone down from 68 Wh to 63 Wh.

Input devices have been simplified

The new models have received a decent update, with new standards added and old ones dropped altogether. Charging on the new Dell Latitude notebooks is now only via USB-C. Dual-pointing is no longer available in the new 5000 models. However, Thunderbolt 4 is now standard. There are also changes in the keyboard, where the picture up and down keys are no longer used and the arrow keys are slightly smaller than before. Furthermore, there are no dedicated touchpad keys and the dual-pointing option is no longer available. Dell’s TrackPoint has thus finally had its day. The power button has also moved a bit and is now located in the key field, this can now also be used as a fingerprint reader.

New features on the inside

Not only externally there were some changes in the series, but also internally, some things were adjusted. Dell now relies on M.2 SSDs and no longer on mechanical hard drives. As for the RAM, it can be swapped and also upgraded in the 5420 and 5520. It is soldered in the smaller models, but is offered with 32 GB by the manufacturer in this case. The new 5000s are powered by Intel’s Tiger Lake. There will also be a vPro version of the 11th Core i generation. That in turn means there will also be an upgrade to Intel Iris Xe. The large model, the Latitude 5520, also has the option of a dedicated GPU. The Nvidia GeForce MX450 is possible here. As for the displays, the 5000 Latitude offers the option of a low-power display. These then deliver up to 400 cd/m².

Availability and prices

The new models of the 5000 series will be available in the US as early as next week. When they will be available in Germany and at what price is unfortunately not yet known.

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