Elgato introduces Light Strip and Wave Panels

Professional streamers and all those who want to become one will certainly be familiar with the manufacturer Elgato. But now the company not only supports you with the appropriate capture cards and other accessories. On top of that, the location of the event is to be embellished with a great lighting atmosphere and the acoustics are to be improved. This is made possible by the new Light Strip and the Elgato Wave Panels. The goal is to offer individual design options for streamers on Twitch and Co.

Control via app

With the new Light Strips, Elgato promises, among other things, an uncomplicated and, above all, convenient control. This is to be able to control quite simply by means of a suitable app. A total of 16 million colors are to provide for a corresponding color splendor. Thus, every streamer should be able to create a suitable light setup. But the subsidiary of the gaming experts from Corsair doesn’t only have optical aspects in mind. On top of that, the new Wave Panels should be able to effectively reduce disturbing effects like echoes and reverberation.

With the help of Elgato’s Stream Deck, the Light Strip can be conveniently controlled

Elgato’s new Light Strip features a total of 108 LEDs. These are said to not only offer an extensive color palette, but also to be able to reproduce the entire white spectrum from cool to warm white. Thanks to the flexible material and the adhesive surface on the back, it should be possible to mount the strip on almost any surface without any problems. You can not only choose one of the millions of colors via the app, but also use the practical dimming function. This should create the right mood for every scene. Control via app for iOS and Android is just one option. Particularly practical is probably the integration into the practical Stream Deck from Elgato.

Wave Panels for better acoustics

In addition to the pretty Light Strip, the new Wave Panels should also be a great addition to the home streaming setup. However, the focus here is on significantly improving the acoustics. Thus, the Wave Panels are supposed to be a nice alternative to the tried and true egg cartons that can still be seen in many amateur setups. When it comes to the choice of material, Elgato relies on a two-layer foam here. This is supposed to ensure that neither echo nor reverberation effects occur. The goal is to enable a permanently clear sound of the own voice.

The Wave Panels are not only supposed to improve acoustics, but also look cool.

Similar to the Light Strip, Elgato also gives customers a lot of freedom when it comes to mounting. After all, the manufacturer relies on a so-called EasyClick frame. This is supposed to ensure that you can attach the hexagonal foam structures to the wall according to your individual ideas. Once you have found the right place for the Wave Panels, they can be easily attached to the wall thanks to the included adhesive strips. Those who prefer permanent solutions or have an adhesive strip-unfriendly wall surface can alternatively opt for mounting with screws and dowels. These are also included in the scope of delivery. To ensure color diversity, Elgato manufactures the new Wave Panels in different colors. So you can put together his own individual setup.

Prices and availability

The useful and chic additions to the home streaming setup are available now from certified resellers of Elgato and Corsair. For the Wave Panels, Elgato is calling for an MSRP of 119.90 euros. For the Light Strip, on the other hand, the streaming experts are asking for an MSRP of 59.90 euros.

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