Enermax ETS-F40: CPU cooler with a cooling capacity up to 200 Watt

The technology manufacturer Enermax has released a new CPU cooler series. The ETS-40 series includes four different budget models. Enermax exists already for 30 years and was founded in Taiwan. The company manufactures fans, cases, power supplies and keyboards.

What the new coolers can do

The new coolers from Enermax are compatible with the current platforms from AMD and Intel and they start at about 30 Euro. The different models are then available with or without RGB. Due to an asymmetrical design of the heat sink, cooling capacities of up to 200 Watt are possible. The new fans have a diameter of 140 mm. In order to meet today’s requirements for a cooler, Enermax has adapted the design of the fins of the new series. Thereby the four measuring heat conduction tubes still rest on the heatspreader of the processor. The narrow lamella tower has been kept, as before with the old ETS-T40. The design and arrangement of the copper heatpipes provides an additional effect. The aluminum fins (according to Enermax: “Vortex Generator Flow”) are also intended to support this effect. For efficient heat transfer, the airflow generated by the fan is influenced in such a way that spoilers in front of the heat pipes create turbulences. So after Enermax more fresh air is brought to the back of the heatpipes.

All four models of the ETS-F40 series have the same basic design with direct-touch aluminum base plate with the cooling tower offset in the longitudinal axis. The design is also the same, with dimensions of 140 × 65 × 156 mm. Enermax wants to achieve a high compatibility to the most common mainboards. Also the regulation of the rotation speed via PWM signal is the same for all models. This is in the range of 300 to 1.200 rpm. Due to the rotational speed, the noise level is just 23 dB(A) and thus very low. The installation of the CPU coolers is the same for all four models and is very easy. The coolers guarantee compatibility with the current sockets of AMD (AM4) and Intel (LGA 1200). They are mounted using a two-stage mounting system. The CPU coolers also come with an additional set of brackets for mounting another fan.

Where are the differences between the individual models of the ETS-F40 series?

The differences between the individual cooler models are basically due to their external design. The ETS-F40-FS is the basic model without a great sensational design. For this purpose, further models are to follow in a color matching in black and white, the ETS-F40-BK, the ETS-F40-BK-ARGB and the ETS-F40-W-ARGB. Optionally with RGB lighting, in addition these models have a top cover. The cover is used for laminating the ends of the heatpipes and for the ARGB representatives an additional illumination is added. Therefore these models have a height of 158 mm, but they still fit into the standard Midi cases without any problems.

Availability and prices

The so-called Silent Edition of the ETS-F40-FS will be launched on the market before the end of October at a price of about 30 euros. The other three models ETS-F40-BK, ETS-F40-BK-ARGB and ETS-F40-W-ARGB have not yet been priced, but in all probability they will follow directly in December. Since Enermax has already shown in the past that they produce powerful CPU coolers at good prices, the costs will probably not be exorbitant.

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