Facebook must pay 3.83 million euros fine to Italian developer

An appeals court in Milan has awarded an Italian developer millions in compensation. Facebook apparently stole the “friends nearby” feature.

Court of Appeal upholds earlier ruling

In an earlier ruling, Facebook was accused of integrating the “Friends Nearby” feature of the app Faround into its own application. The feature allows Facebook users to view their friends on a nearby map. In addition, stores and restaurants in the vicinity can also be displayed. This very feature was offered by the developers of Faround in their own app. In Italy, this app was very popular with the “friends nearby” feature. The Faround app was launched in 2012, and the Nearby function was launched shortly thereafter. The developers had already filed a lawsuit in 2013. The lawsuit was then decided in favor of Faround’s developers in 2016.

Compensation amount increased

A Milanese appeals court has now confirmed the previous decision. As a result, Facebook must now pay a whole 3.83 million euros. Facebook has first taken note of the ruling and now wants to review it. Also in 2019, there was already an appeal hearing on this, which also confirmed the previous ruling. However, the amount of compensation has now been increased significantly. Originally, this amounted to 350,000 euros. Now it is 3.83 million euros.

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