Featherweight gaming mice from SPC Gear – LIX Plus & LIX Onyx White

The gaming label, SPC Gear, of the Polish manufacturer SilentiumPC, has introduced the new Onyx White version of its ultra-light gaming mice LIX Plus and LIX.


The name for the gaming mouse already indicates the low weight of the mouse. LIX comes from the Roman and means 59, which is a reference to the low weight of 59 grams. The low weight of 59 grams comes from the special honeycomb structure of the mouse. This even cools the palms of the hands. The gaming mice LIX Plus and LIX are wrapped in a timeless white and have ARGB lighting. The sleeved Paracord cable is also in matching white.

Gaming mice

SPC Gear has produced the two models, LIX Plus & LIX Onyx White, for play. As it is important to have a precise change of direction, high speed and short reaction times. It was implemented in LIX Plus & LIX Onyx White with a Pixart PMW3325 sensor in the LIX Onyx White and a Pixart PMW3360 sensor in the LIX Plus Onyx White. TPFE mouse skates were used to enable lightning fast movements. Omron switches were used for the corresponding fast game execution. The RGB lighting is perfectly implemented in the LIX models. The user can customize it for the case, the scroll wheel and also the SPC Gear logo inside the mouse to his liking. Depending on the profile, the user can assign different effects and colors, so that it is recognized which user is currently active.

Technical details

The different sensors of the mice, the LIX with the Pixart PMW3325 sensor and the LIX Plus with the Pixart PMW3360 sensor, are able to precisely scan speeds of up to 2.54 m/s and 6.35 m/s respectively. The LIX offers 200 to 8,000 DPI and the LIX Plus Onyx White 200 to 12,000 DPI.

The honeycomb structure provides light weight and hand cooling. Features to protect the mouse from dirt and dust, the LIX has a special protective coating. This protects against unwanted dust particles and liquids and thus considerably increases the lifetime. Due to the extensive software from SPC Gear, many customization options of the LIX Onyc White are possible. On the one hand, the aforementioned adaptation according to profiles and, in addition, the configuration of the six buttons. The adjustment of the sensitivity of the switch and the adjustment of the RGB lighting according to individual zones, puts everything in the cool hand of the demanding user.

Availability and price

The two models from SPC Gear, LIX Plus Onyx White and the LIX Onyx White, are supposed to be available immediately – but we haven’t found anything online yet. The price is 32 euros for the LIX and 44 euros for the LIX Plus.

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