Glorious Model O Wireless: Gaming Mouse goes wireless

The new Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Wireless comes with a new sensor, almost the same weight as the wired model introduced in 2019, 71-hour battery and a USB-C port.

This makes the mouse a direct competitor to the Razers Viper Ultimate and the Logitech G Pro Wireless. With its price the Glorious Model O Wireless is however clearly below the competition.

High-end hardware

So far, the Logitech G Pro has dominated the market for light and wireless gaming mice in the high-end segment for a good year. The Logitech mouse is available for almost 150 euros. The competitor Razer has the Viper Ultimate in the race, available for about 170 Euros. GPCGR now promises a cheaper alternative with their high-end hardware, which is available for around 90 Euros. This puts the Model O Wireless well below the competition.

Technical details

The three competitors have one thing in common, they all have an exclusive sensor. The Viper Ultimate uses a sensor developed with PixArt, the PMW-3399, Logitech relies on its proprietary hero sensor and Glorious has simply called its sensor “BAMF”. Should therefore be called “Bad ass mother fucker”. The sensor from Glorious was manufactured in cooperation with PixArt, probably the PMW-3370, but that’s not certain, even if the marketing name is already attracting attention. All that matters is that the optical sensor has high-end specifications and that’s important. Name or not.

The battery life of the Model O is said to be up to 71 hours and that at a weight of just 69 grams. However, the runtime only applies when the RGB lighting is deactivated. The lighting will of course have an effect on the battery life. To what extent this is, is not specified by Glorious.

The mouse can be connected via a USB-A to USB-C charging cable or via 2.4 GHz radio, with a query rate of 1,000 Hertz.

Model O Wireless continues to use microswitches as primary switches, these are from Omroms D2F2 series.

The Model O Wireless has two additional buttons on the left flank and one additional button on the back of the mouse.
PTFE sliding feet and an LED indicating the selected sensor resolution are located on the bottom of the mouse.

New software

GPCGR also offers a new software for the Wireless O, which is supposed to be much more complex than the known programs for the Glorious mice.


The Model O Wireless will probably be available in November. Currently it can be pre-ordered. From November it will not only be available at Glorious, but also in regular stores. In Germany we will have to be patient until December.

The Glorious Model O Wireless will then be available in the colors white matt and black matt. In mid 2021, a version with a glossy surface will follow.

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