Google Kaleidoscope wants to bring overview into streaming jungle

Google wants to unite Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and the many other streaming services. The Internet giant wants to bring overview to the increasingly confusing streaming market. The service Google Kaleidoscope is to be integrated into the in-house browser Chrome.

The streaming jungle

If you take a look at the ever-growing market for streaming services, you can quickly lose track. Over time, users inevitably lose one or two pearls in the field of films and series. Google now wants to bring order to the chaos. The already existing browser Google Chrome is to be used for this purpose. The feature “Kaleidoscope” wants to link the many different streaming providers in one overview.

Finite overview

With the help of Kaleidoscope, you can use Google’s Browser Chrome to consume all streaming providers in just one platform. It does not matter which playback medium you prefer. So Kaleidoscope should not only be possible on the computer. Also the smartphone, smart TV or tablet can be used. The idea behind Kaleidoscope is simple, but great, because it is absolutely practical. Everybody knows the problem of not knowing where this great series from last time was shown.

Service still in the test phase

The public became aware of Google’s service intentions through the Chrome Story. The extension Kaleidoscope is currently still in an extensive test phase. Whether the service will finally keep its name is still questionable. If you can’t stand the waiting time, you can already get an insight into the new project of Chrome. But for this you need Chrome Canary. This allows an insight into the so-called Nightly Builds. These are not yet finished versions. Nightly Builds are mainly intended for professional developers.

The three largest providers are already available for linking.
(Source: Chrome Story, Dinsan Francis)

The first glimpses of Kaleidoscope

Unfortunately not everyone can access Chrome Canary. But thanks to Chrome Story we could already have a first look at the upcoming feature. A journalist from the platform talks at Kaleidoscope about a project that was started “to unite all our used video streaming platforms”. At the beginning of the service, “the big three” should be considered first. These are of course Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+. The Kaleidoscope home page sounds promising: “You can watch your favorite shows in one place, no matter where they are delivered”. The feature of continuing playback also sounds exciting. So, regardless of the device, playback can be continued across all devices.

When comes Kaleidoscope?

The latest feature from Google sounds really exciting. Unfortunately we don’t know anything more about the release of Kaleidoscope yet. So it remains exciting when the practical link will be available. Meanwhile, another streaming provider has moved into starting position. ViacomCBS, a gigantic US media empire, now wants to launch a streaming service as well. So Google’s latest idea seems to have great relevance.

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