Google wants to compete with YouTube Amazon and Co. – YouTube as online retailer

To make sure that Google gets a piece of the online trade’s big cake, it now wants to turn the popular video platform into an online retailer.

Competition for Amazon and Co.

Google now plans to compete with YouTube according to reports from Bloomberg other online retailers. To the currently existing monetization it is to go now a step further. So far, users have been redirected by Influencer and others via existing affiliate links to the merchant such as Amazon etc. This detour is to be eliminated in the future and it should then be possible to purchase the products directly. Here Google sees an enormous potential and wants to create with it the entrance as on-line dealer. First of all, the system should be tested with certain partner channels. Which products can be acquired then in the Shop of the operator, remains thereby fully in its control. Further details about the new project of Google and the parent company Alphabet are unfortunately not yet known.

Advertising revenues have fallen

The advertising revenues of YouTube have recently fallen by quite a bit, and Google hopes to find new sources of income with this step. Andy Ellwood, president of the e-commerce startup Basket, also welcomes the move, as YouTube is currently one of the least used platforms when it comes to monetization. Google’s previous success in gaining a foothold in online commerce has not been very promising. Google has so far always focused on advertising that has redirected customers to other providers. Up to Corona, this concept also worked well, but in the course of the pandemic, this area has declined sharply. Facebook also recently announced its intention to create its own store.

Video Platform

Google wants to enter the online trade with its video platform. In contrast, Amazon and Walmart have been trying for several years to promote their products with a video platform. So it remains exciting how it continues. Neither Amazon, nor Walmart have come close to the success of YouTube. Let’s see if Google’s plan will reach the online retailer giants.

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