Huawei FreeLace Pro: Sport-In-Ears with ANC

With Sport-In-Ears you often have to make some compromises in favor of a light weight and high wearing comfort. Huawei would like to go a different way with the FreeLace. With ANC they offer a feature that is normally reserved for premium in-ears.

FreeLace comes with neck strap

Unlike other modern in-ears, Huawei does not follow the path of true wireless. After all, the FreeLace Pro has a cable connection between the two in-ears in the form of a neck strap. This should rest very comfortably on the neck. Thanks to the combination of a nickel-titanium alloy and liquid silicone, it should not be uncomfortable at any time, even when rubbing against the skin as is customary in sports. The band itself also contains the USB-C connection, which not only couples the band to the smartphone, but also charges the integrated battery.

Great sound and long battery life

In order to enjoy music while playing sports, Huawei relies on a 14 mm driver, which should provide a rich sound. In particular, the FreeLace Pro should be able to reproduce a frequency range between 20 and 20,000 Hz thanks to the powerful driver. The battery life is certainly impressive. Especially in times of True Wireless In-Ears, people look enviously at the 24 hour music enjoyment of the FreeLace Pro. However, the battery life is greatly reduced when active noise reduction (ANC) is switched on. Then there are only 16 hours of music listening left. But that still sounds sufficient. Especially compared to the standard version, the current FreeLace, the battery performance sounds really remarkable. After all, they only offer a battery life of up to 18 hours. And that without ANC. If the battery should run out of breath, it is fully recharged within an hour, according to Huawei.

Bluetooth 5.0 ensures a stable Bluetooth connection to the smartphone, and the audio codecs SBC and AAC are also on board to ensure lossless music enjoyment. Huawei installs a total of three microphones in the FreeLace. These should not only provide reliable ANC. One of the microphones is used for telephone calls. Huawei gives the Freelance Pro a very practical feature. The built-in Hall magnet sensor detects whether the headphones are in the ear or not. If the latter is the case, playback is automatically paused. With a weight of just 35 g (with earplugs), the FreeLace Pro should be perfect for just about any sporting activity.

Price and availability

Starting from 2 October one can acquire the FreeLace Pro to a UVP of 119 euro for sale. You can choose between the colors black, green and white.

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