HUAWEI: Matebook D16 and Matebook X Pro (2021) on the way

HUAWEI launches two new notebooks at the same time. The Chinese tech company wants to satisfy the mid-range as well as launch a well-equipped flagship. We take a look at the Matebook D16 and the Matebook X Pro (2021).

Matebook D16: The affordable all-rounder

It is hardly surprising that HUAWEI is also delivering new additions to its notebook line this year. Two new devices are supposed to find their way onto European store shelves before the end of March. The Matebook D16 is suitable for the masses. This is mainly due to the fair value for money. As the name suggests, the Chinese company uses an IPS panel with a screen diagonal of 16 inches and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD). Those who want to be at the front of the queue as a pre-orderer will also get a practical goody from HUAWEI. Thus, the company adds a separate display with 23.8 inches on top.

The specs of the mid-range notebook sound very good. For example, it has extra-thin screen edges thanks to a screen-to-body ratio of 90 percent. But not only these are slim. The notebook’s weight also makes it the perfect companion for work or study. According to HUAWEI, the Matebook D16 weighs just 1.74 kg. Of course, HUAWEI has also made sure that there is plenty of power under the hood. A Ryzen 5 4600H from AMD is used as the processor. It has six cores and a maximum clock rate of 4 GHz. The Shark Fin cooling system should also provide reliable ventilation for all components in the slim case.

The powerful CPU gets support from 16 GB of RAM. The user has 512 GB of storage in the form of an internal SSD at his disposal. The Matebook D16 also convinces in terms of endurance, at least on paper. A 56 watt-hour battery ensures that the device can run for a pleasing nine and a half hours during video playback. This should be enough for an average workday. According to HUAWEI, the Matebook can be recharged in a flash if it runs out of power. The 65-watt power adapter provides a full battery charge within 30 minutes. The D16 has an HDMI port, two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports and a 3.5 mm jack. A retractable webcam as well as a fingerprint sensor round off the positive overall picture.

Matebook X Pro: uncompromising technology

If the Matebook D16’s features are too weak for you, you should take a look at the upcoming Matebook X Pro (2021). HUAWEI also installs an IPS panel here, but it has a size of 13.9 inches. The resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels is higher than that of the D16. On top of that, the Matebook X Pro has a touchscreen, which should ensure a very good workflow. The fact that HUAWEI did not use an anti-reflective coating for the display might be a bit sobering for many. However, the Matebook X Pro offers a brightness of up to 450 cd/m² so that you can still see everything and work in bright sunshine.

The workmanship of the premium notebook is obviously at the highest level again this year. Thus, HUAWEI manufactures the chassis out of metal. Overall, the 304 mm x 217 mm x 14.6 mm Matebook X Pro weighs 1,330 grams. You can choose between a Core i5 or Core i7 from Intel for the innards. The rest of the features also differ depending on the CPU. The model with Core i5 offers a 512 GB SSD. In contrast, HUAWEI installs an NVMe SSD with 1 TB of storage space in the variant with a Core i7 processor. Regardless of the processor, the premium notebook always has 16 GB of RAM on board. HUAWEI relies on a 56 watt-hour battery. However, it is supposed to last up to 10 hours in the Matebook X Pro.

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As with the D16, HUAWEI also installs a lot of ports in the high-priced Matebook X Pro (2021) to ensure maximum compatibility and user-friendliness. However, unlike the D16, you have to be satisfied with “only” one USB-A port. However, this is joined by two USB-C ports. These can also be conveniently used to connect monitors. Of course, they are also used for charging the ultrabook. An audio port is also on board. The connectivity is rounded off by WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1.

Prices and availability

HUAWEI can not only produce very good smartphones. The Chinese company has already proven that with the first products of their Matebook line. And this time, too, two very good notebooks seem to be launched. If you are interested in one of the two new Matebooks, you do not have to wait much longer. HUAWEI already wants to launch its new premium notebook “Matebook X Pro” on March 30 at an MSRP starting at 1,499 Euros. Those interested in the version with a Core i7 CPU will have to pay 1,799 Euros. The Matebook D16 will arrive a bit later. It is scheduled to go on sale on April 19 at a RRP of 899 Euros.

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