Huawei Wants to Develop Own Operating System in Response to Android Exclusion

According to a report in the Chinese financial magazine Caijing Huawei plans to introduce its own operating system in response to the ongoing trade war between the USA and China and the resulting trade ban. Work on this is said to have started a long time ago, when the USA prohibited the use of Android by the Chinese company ZTE due to business relations with North Korea and Iran, which violate US sanctions.

The “Huawei-OS” could therefore already appear in the current year and create an alternative to Google’s operating system, which would make the company largely independent of US policy decisions. Huawei is also already independent of the USA in processor development thanks to the Kirin processors. Many other smartphone manufacturers source their SoCs from Qualcomm and are therefore affected by any trade bans.

Sources report that Huawei-OS is supposed to be compatible with Android apps that need to be recompiled. The performance should be up to 60 percent higher compared to Android smartphones. The magazine, also known as China Business News, cites Richard Yu, head of Huaweis Consumer Business Group, as the source. The company has not yet issued an official statement. Yu’s statements come from a WeChat conversation, the magazine has no further evidence.

In addition to smartphones, the new operating system should also be able to be used for tablets, computers, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and in the automotive sector. The first device that could come onto the market with the operating system also known as HongMeng OS is the Mate 30.

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