HyperX: New wireless gaming headset announced

HyperX today announced a new arrival in its in-house audio division. The new addition to the family will delight all those who need surround sound when they play games. The Cloud Stinger Core Wireless Gaming Headset should be convincing in many points.

Technical Highlights

A wireless headset is only suitable for competitive gaming if it offers the most lossless audio output possible and a seamless connection to the source. The 2.4 GHz wireless technology should be able to guarantee this. Thanks to the powerful connection, the Cloud Stinger Core Wireless Gaming Headset should have a range of up to 12 meters. A dynamic 40 mm driver with neodymium magnets should provide the necessary audio quality. From crystal-clear highs, to detailed mids and voluminous basses, the headset should be convincing in terms of sound. In terms of frequencies, an extensive spectrum is covered, from lows (20 Hz) to highs (20 kHz). Although the headset does not offer Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), it should provide good shielding due to the closed back.

Comfort and compatibility

HyperX itself emphasizes the comfort of the headset. Not only soft ear cups, but also the slim weight of the Cloud Stinger Core Wireless Gaming Headset should provide for this. It comes along comparatively light with just 275 grams. Thus, it should be very suitable for long gaming nights. HyperX also wants to score points in terms of compatibility. Thus, the headset can be used for both the PS4 and the PC. In order to make the operation as easy as possible, the manufacturer focuses on practical features. In addition to an easy-to-use volume control on the ear cup itself, the microphone also offers an interesting trick according to HyperX. For example, it should be possible to mute it piece by piece with a knob thanks to the noise cancelling function. The headset can be as comfortable as it can be without the matching battery. HyperX speaks of a battery life of up to 17 hours in its newest headset. Should this prove to be true, this should be enough for most users.

The headset comes in a nice white colour.

Price and availability

You can already purchase the latest work from HyperX. The Cloud Stinger Core Wireless Gaming Headset is now available in the manufacturer’s own online shop for 84.99 Euros.

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