IBM: progress in quantum computing

In the field of quantum computing, the hardware giant IBM has nothing less than a milestone to report. The company was able to achieve a quantum volume of 64 with an in-house system. IBM has thus doubled its most recent record.

What does a Quantum Volume ?

stand for?
IBM set the new record based on a system with 27 qubits. But what does the quantum volume of 64 tell us? This is an indication of the performance of a special quantum computer. The result is made up of the properties of the individual quantum circuits. In particular, the scientists take a look at the complexity and length of the individual circuits. The quantum circuits represent a part of the basis of general quantum applications.

Doubled within 7 months

The last record from IBM was not long ago. Just in January this year, the company proudly announced that it had reached a quantum volume of 32. However, the new result clearly outshines the previous record. According to the company’s own information, the rapid improvement was possible due to new technology in the area of software and hardware. The new components were integrated into an already existing system of IBM’s quantum computer. The changes in the hardware area are said to have been most helpful. These ensured that quantum volume switching was carried out faster and more efficiently. It is pleasing that the better hardware can be found in all quantum computers from IBM. An upcoming update of IBM Cloud Software Services will provide the better software. Ultimately, users of the IBM cloud should also be able to benefit from this.

Honeywell must now share the title of the most powerful quantum computer with IBM.

target already achieved by Honeywell

IBM calls its new record a milestone. However, the computer expert does not mention that another company has already reached the magic limit of a quantum volume of 64. Honeywell has already reached a quantum volume of 64 with its quantum computer. But now Honeywell is no longer alone. The company must now share the title of the most powerful quantum computer with IBM.

Small lead for Honeywell

But the two companies are not quite on an equal footing. In fact, Honeywell is still ahead in one respect. IBM achieved its quantum volume of 64 only with the help of a system that has 27 qubits. In contrast, Honeywell achieved the goal with a much “weaker” system. Here the company had “only” 6 qubits at its disposal.

IBM seems to be prepared for the future

IBM now has a total of 28 quantum computers in the pipeline. To build this system, the company needed just four years of working time. The popular IBM cloud operates on the basis of the quantum computers. When you consider that eight quantum computers from IBM come with a Quantum Volume 32, the company can be considered well prepared for the future. It remains to be seen what the adaptations with new hardware and software will achieve for positive performance increases.

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