iCUE LT100 Smart Lighting Tower: Corsair launches RGB column

Corsair has always stood for tailor-made products for the domestic gaming setup. In addition to headphones and other PC peripherals, the manufacturer now also focuses on the right lighting. With the iCUE LT100 Smart Lighting Towers, Corsair launches special lighting columns.

Expansion of the lighting products

Yet the Corsair light columns are by no means a first in terms of lighting. If you take a look at the products Corsair has released to date, you’ll notice the practical iCUE LS100 monitor lighting, for example. With the help of these lighting strips you could turn the monitor into a real eye-catcher in your own PC setup. The new light columns now extend the idea of optimal lighting even further.

unusual construction

When they are switched off, it is probably very late to realize that the Smart Lighting Towers are lighting elements. The two 42 cm high columns are mainly made of aluminium. Corsair has installed a total of 46 addressable RGB LEDs here. The buyer can finally decide how many light columns he wants to install in his setup (maximum four). The starter kit initially contains two light columns and the matching power supply unit. If you want more, you can buy an expansion kit. In this kit there is one more light column.

The inconspicuous light column should provide for great light effects in your home PC setup.

Many freedoms in installation

Where to place the light pillars is up to you. There is a lot of freedom here. Once the aluminium columns are in place, further adjustments can be made. For example, the LEDs can be aligned either to the front or to the rear. This allows both fans of direct lighting and friends of indirect lighting to enjoy a suitable setup.

Extension of the screen

In terms of the “Ambilight” known from the manufacturer Philipps, the lighting of the two columns can be synchronized with your own PC monitor. Here, the colour at the screen edge of the monitor is also output on the light columns. Finally, one achieves with this an apparent extension of the screen edge. This provides a very intense experience, especially when watching movies or playing games. The prerequisite for this adaptation to the monitor is a PC with a suitable iCUE software.

Use as audio visualizer

But even without a monitor, the two light columns can cut a fine figure. Their use in connection with playing music is particularly practical. This can be given a much more intensive effect with the right lighting. Here, the listener can let off steam with the respective colours and effects. But this is only one alternative. The iCUE LT100 also provides the right effects at home when you want to enjoy music.

In combination with monitor lighting you can create the perfect lighting setup.

Compatibility to previous products

Naturally, the new columns can be easily added to Corsair’s existing products in the lighting segment. This allows you to create a coordinated setup. Many will probably already own the appropriate monitor lighting in the form of the iCUE LS100. The software of iCUE is not obligatory. At the light columns themselves you can also provide suitable light. Eleven different effects are available at the push of a button.

By the way, the compatibility does not only exist with the other lighting products from Corsair. The light columns are of course also compatible with each other. The user can connect a maximum of four of the light columns with each other. In total, it should be possible to create an impressive lighting setup with the 184 addressable RGB LEDs.

Price and availability

Corsair was involved in the design of the new light pillars. They also fulfil a practical purpose as headset holders. This removable holder is included in the starter kit. If you are interested in the iCUE LT100 Smart Lighting Towers, you can now get them. For the necessary starter kit you will first have to pay proud 139,99 Euro. The expansion kit in the form of another light column costs 69.99 euros.

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