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JBL has presented the tech world with a few exciting new launches. Among them is the new Flip 6, the latest generation of probably one of the most popular Bluetooth speakers on the market. If you like it bigger, you should take a look at the latest version of the giant PartyBox. For gamers, the Harman subsidiary again has a promising gaming headset in the pipeline. Let’s take a look at the new products unveiled at “Harman ExPLORE 2021”.

JBL PartyBox 710: Don’t spill the beans, make a splash

Let’s not kid ourselves. JBL’s PartyBox is rather exotic in the Bluetooth speaker segment. This is not only due to the impressive light effects, but first and foremost due to the sheer size. The huge wireless speaker lives up to its name. With a whopping 800 watts, any private party, no matter how big, should be able to be adequately sounded. To ensure that the speaker not only has a lot of power, but also delivers a clean sound, JBL has installed two tweeters with a size of 2.75 inches.

Image: JBL

On top of that, the company has improved the 8-inch displacement drivers. In order to provide rich bass, the audio manufacturer also said it optimized the bass reflex port of the large speaker. The result is said to be deeper bass that doesn’t clang at any moment. Last but not least, the frequency range of 35 Hz to 20,000 Hz makes it clear that everything is just right in terms of both bass and treble.

Image: JBL

The integrated LEDs are supposed to provide for great light shows. Here, the user is supposed to get access to a total of five different light variants. These include strobe lights, projection lights or classic RGB animations. The special highlight is that the light effects are supposed to be synchronized with the music. Since it can also get damp and cheerful at a party, the new model once again offers splash water protection according to IPX4.

Image: JBL

Given its rugged design, JBL makes it clear that the PartyBox 710 can really take a beating. Once again, the convenient accessories of the new model include a practical handle and matching wheels. This allows the party box to be moved from A to B like a rolling suitcase. Considering the weight of 27.8 kg and dimensions of 399 mm x 905 mm x 436 mm, people will certainly be happy to accept this offer.

Image: JBL

Conveniently, you can connect two PartyBoxes together at once. As a result, you get a powerful stereo pair that packs even more punch. As is typical for JBL products, pairing with source devices is again wonderfully straightforward. Those who want to send music wirelessly to the device use the integrated Bluetooth 5.1. Alternatively, the giant Bluetooth speaker has a USB input. Even microphones and guitars can be connected, which will please karaoke fans as well as hobby street musicians. The included remote control or the customized smartphone app can be used for control.

Image: JBL

The new JBL PartyBox should be available for purchase starting in October. The RRP of a hefty 749 euros seems quite justified in view of the rich performance and bulging features. We are curious!

JBL Flip 6: Latest generation of the classic

The Flip has always been considered one of the most popular Bluetooth speakers on the entire market. Not without reason, the portable and durable box paved the way for JBL to set up a wide range of Bluetooth boxes. Now, the now sixth generation of the handy speaker is going on sale. In terms of sound, the company wants to have improved its box once again. In particular, it is said to have gained in clarity.

Image: JBL

JBL would like to have achieved this in particular by separating the drivers. While the predecessor still relied on a full-range speaker, as is common for the size, four different drivers are now used. Besides two passive radiators and a woofer, a separate tweeter works in the small wireless speaker. As with the larger PartyBox, JBL also relies on state-of-the-art wireless connectivity in the form of Bluetooth 5.1.

Image: JBL

In terms of resistance, the small box even has the edge over its big brother. Thanks to IP67 certification, the sixth generation of the Flip is not only protected against water and dust. On top of that, it can even be submerged for a while without being damaged. A battery life of 12 hours ensures that you can enjoy the beautiful sound of the box for quite a while. With the help of PartyBoost, you can also connect several speakers together to create true stereo sound, for example.

Image: JBL

In November it should be so far. Then the Flip 6 from JBL should come into the trade. The manufacturer sets the RRP at 139 euros. Who is interested in the small speaker, can choose between an extensive color palette of nine different colors.

JBL Quantum 350 Wireless: gaming headset

JBL’s pioneering flight in the gaming headset segment seems to have been successful. After all, the company is taking its in-house headsets for PC and console to the next level with the Quantum 350 Wireless. Considering the technical features, the success of the gaming headset is not surprising. The drivers measure a whopping 40 mm and the frequency range extends from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

Image: JBL

Arguably one of the biggest enemies of gamers is delayed transmissions. It doesn’t matter if it’s sound or picture. If you do not register anything in real time, but only delayed, the response can not be optimal. Accordingly, JBL once again relies on a special USB dongle that ensures radio transmission according to the 2.4 GHz standard.

Image: JBL

Since the gaming headset is supposed to be able to last up to 22 hours, JBL provides for very long gaming sessions. If the battery does run out of steam, a quick-charge function is supposed to ensure that just five minutes of charging time makes a battery life of another 60 minutes possible. Charging during gaming is also no problem thanks to “Power & Play”.

Image: JBL

Among other things, the soft ear pads, which rely on memory foam, are supposed to ensure a correspondingly high wearing comfort. Since these are covered with artificial leather, it remains to be seen how hot the ears get under them. What is a headset without a suitable microphone? This can also be removed from the Quantum 350.

Image: JBL

Individual changes can be made to the sound of the headphones and the recording quality of the microphone in the “JBL QuantumEngine” software. Those interested in the latest generation of the JBL Quantum 350 Wireless can strike from October. The headset will then be launched at a RRP of 99.99 Euros.

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JBL has presented the tech world with a few exciting new launches. Among them is the new Flip 6, the latest generation of probably one of the most popular Bluetooth speakers on the market. If you like it bigger, you should take a look at the latest version of the giant PartyBox. For gamers, the … (Weiterlesen...)

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