KFConsole – high-end gaming PC from Kentucky Fried Chicken

The fast food specialist Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Cooler Master already announced it in the summer, there is to be a console. Now the two are getting serious and have developed a console in cooperation with which both gameplay and hunger should not be neglected. The end result is a high-end gaming PC that can even give the PS4 real competition.

High-end PC from KFC

KFC has unveiled its first console, with which games in 4K and 240 fps become an absolute eye-catcher. The console was designed by Cooler Master. Cooler Master’s mod team was led by the legendary Swedish craftsman “Timpelay”. The team managed to fit the Intel Nuc 9 Extreme computer element into a custom Cooler Master NC100 case. This still leaves enough space and keeps the performance high. The Asus graphics card should make frame dropping and tearing a thing of the past. In addition, the KFConsole has the first hot-swappable GPU slot. What makes the console a high-end PC in addition is the performance of PCIe-NVMe, they offer speeds that are six times faster. Games can thus be booted in seconds and data can also be accessed at lightning speed. Additionally on board are two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSDs, these bring reliability and performance at the same time. The great components make the KFConsole a high-end PC of the extra class and thus it is a real competitor for the popular consoles on the market.

Built-in chicken chamber

The highlight and absolutely unique on the KFConsole market is the patented chicken chamber. The chicken chamber keeps food warm. This function is made possible by using the heat and airflow system inside.

Availability and price

When and at what price the new KFConsole will be released is not out yet.

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