Klipsch T5 II Sport: wireless and waterproof in-ears made in USA

Klipsch’s T5 II Sport are a pair of true wireless in-ears that are supposed to convince with their durability. Above all, the protection against liquids should make the newcomer stand out from the many competitors. We take a closer look at the sporty headphones.

Klipsch targets athletes

If Klipsch can show something, then it is a long experience. Meanwhile, the US-American sound forge has been known and loved as a manufacturer of high-quality audio products for almost 75 years. However, the company primarily focused on loudspeakers that are supposed to transform your own four walls into a concert hall or a cinema. Now the Americans want to prove that they can also convince in a small format. The Klipsch T5 II Sport are in-ears that are not only supposed to score over the competition in terms of sound. A decisive advantage should also be their comfort and resistance. You should not only benefit from a tight fit in the ear, but also reliable protection against dust and water. Here it becomes clear that Klipsch is primarily pouncing on athletes.

Hardly competitive market segment

It’s a really bold move by Klipsch to venture into the sports headphone segment. After all, well-known competitors such as Bose, Sennheiser or Jabra have already been throne holders here for quite some time. The market for “average users” is also well supplied with headphones from Apple, Samsung or Huawei. But the Americans are obviously not deterred by this. Quite the opposite. They advertise their T5 II Sport with some exciting features. On the one hand, you can choose between a “standard version” and a “sport version”. While the former is supposed to guarantee pure listening pleasure of the wireless kind, the sporty version goes one step further. In addition to the practical ear hooks, which are supposed to guarantee a solid fit in the ear, the latter also offers a somewhat different carrying case. Like the competition and the standard version, this also serves as a charging box. Unlike many of the competition, however, the box is a bit clunky.

Image: Klipsch

One reason for the rather large dimensions is probably the fact that the box is waterproof. However, not only the box itself, but also the headphones should be protected from water penetration, according to Klipsch. If a liquid should nevertheless make its way inside the box, you don’t have to worry about it according to the manufacturer. Klipsch relies on small plastic balls that are located in the lid of the box. These are supposed to absorb the liquid quite easily and thus protect the technology from damage. However, the consistent protection against water also has a downside. The USB-C port, which is needed for charging via cable, is located under the lid. Thus, it always has to be open when you want to charge the transport case. Alternatively, you can also charge the case inductively via a Qi plate.

Safe hold and long battery life

Klipsch itself promises a secure hold with its sporty headphones. Unlike the classic T5 II, the sports version does not just come with the usual silicone nubs that are supposed to hold the headphones in the ear canal. The manufacturer also provides the in-ears with practical rubber hooks that help them fit even tighter in or on the ear. Even strong vibrations, as they can happen while running, should not be a problem. However, it is not only the tight fit that is supposed to ensure wearing comfort. Klipsch also attaches importance to a lower weight. With 8 grams per headphone, the T5 II Sport are real flyweights.

Image: Klipsch

Of course, the battery life of an in-ear is also important. And this is where Klipsch really seems to deliver. So the headphones should be able to hold out up to 8 hours at a time. This is really a very good battery performance. However, you have to keep in mind that the sporty headphones also do without features that are almost common by now, such as active noise cancellation. This definitely benefits the endurance. If it has to be fast, the battery can be revived with a short charging time. After the in-ears have relaxed in the charging box for just ten minutes, they should be available again for 90 minutes of continuous power.

Typical Klipsch sound

It’s not uncommon for companies with such a long tradition to put their reputation on the line with a new product. Klipsch has been delivering great sound for many decades, setting the bar exceptionally high for other speaker manufacturers. But what about the compact in-ears? Once again, the sound experts want to deliver a sound that is bursting with details. From rich lows to crystal-clear highs, all nuances are supposed to be reproduced optimally. However, only a personal listening test can show whether the company was able to realize its intention. After all, sound quality is also always a subjective matter.

Control with practical app

Also in terms of control Klipsch does not reinvent the wheel, but seems to do everything right. Thus, the manufacturer fortunately does without error-prone touch gestures. Instead, there are classic push buttons on the respective in-ears. With their help, you should be able to control the most important commands like “play/pause”, “turn down/loud”, “next track/previous track”, and answering a phone call. The headphones also have a so-called transparency mode. When used as a speakerphone, this mode filters out distracting background noise.

With the help of the handy “Klipsch Connect” app, you should be able to make individual settings on the in-ears. (Image: Apple App Store)

Meanwhile, the in-house Klipsch Connect app should be able to provide smooth and uncomplicated control and adjustment of the compact in-ears. Here, for example, different sound modes can be selected or the strength of the transparency mode can be adjusted. The personal sound profiles should also be particularly practical. For example, you can create a personal profile that rather emphasizes voices, which is perfect for podcasts. Alternatively, a profile can be selected, which rather focuses on music.

Price and availability

If you are currently looking for high-quality in-ears without annoying cables, you should definitely consider the Klipsch T5 II Sport. Especially for hobby athletes, the headphones, available in either black or white, should probably be perfect. The RRP of the sporty in-ears is 229.00 euros.

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Klipsch’s T5 II Sport are a pair of true wireless in-ears that are supposed to convince with their durability. Above all, the protection against liquids should make the newcomer stand out from the many competitors. We take a closer look at the sporty headphones. Klipsch targets athletes If Klipsch can show something, then it is … (Weiterlesen...)

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