Lenovo introduces ThinkPad T16 Gen 1 and T14 Gen 3

Lenovo had a few surprises in store at this year’s MWC. For example, the latest generation of the popular ThinkPad T series was presented. A lot seems to have changed. This does not only concern the revised display, but also the new case design. The latest processor technology is supposed to provide more performance in the new ThinkPad T14 G3 and ThinkPad T16.

Notebook series with tradition

Next to the Macbook, the ThinkPad T series is certainly one of the most iconic notebooks in our recent tech history. The model series, which already celebrated its debut 22 years ago, now gets two new additions. With the ThinkPad T14 G3 and ThinkPad T16, a few things change. On the one hand, this concerns the aspect ratio of the display. This changes from 16:9 to 16:10. However, the display of the T16 might be the most exciting. It is the first ThinkPad T display that measures 16 inches.

New case design

Let’s start with the case itself. With the ThinkPad T14 G3 and ThinkPad T16, Lenovo promises one thing above all else – very good maintainability. This means that the two “workhorses” should last for many years at a horrendous price. The first signs of this were already visible in the second generation of the ThinkPad T14. For example, you could easily remove the keyboard and replace it with a new one. On the other hand, accessing the inner workings – the hardware – was extremely complicated and anything but child’s play for amateurs. Lenovo now wants to improve this considerably in the ThinkPad T14 G3 and ThinkPad T16. Very little has changed in terms of the keyboard. Why should that be – the peripherals of the predecessor could already be removed perfectly.

Image: Lenovo

However, it should now be much easier to access the interior of the notebooks. According to Lenovo, the bottom panel of the case, which is largely made of magnesium, can be easily opened. Although the keyboard of the ThinkPad T14 G2 was very well received by the fan community, Lenovo has nevertheless decided to revise it. The result can probably be described as a matter of taste. The keyboard is now flatter than in the predecessor. However, it also loses 0.3 mm of travel. This will certainly bother one or the other frequent typist. Lenovo has also made changes to the touchpad. However, these are undoubtedly pleasing. After all, it is now much larger than before with a width of 11.5 cm.

Two battery options are available

And Lenovo has not only shown the courage to do something new visually. The hardware manufacturer has also decided on a few changes for the innards. A somewhat untypical one is the battery option. Usually, notebook manufacturers offer an alternative battery. Lenovo takes a different approach and offers two different options. You can choose between a 39.3 Wh or a 52.5 Wh battery for the small ThinkPad T14 G3. But why should you choose the smaller model at all?

Quite simply, this one scores with 230 grams less total weight. Consequently, you have to weigh what is more important. The biggest battery of the ThinkPad T14 G3 also corresponds to the base battery of the ThinkPad T16. However, you should also be able to opt for a bigger battery in the 16 incher. Up to 86 Wh are possible here. The fast charging function that Lenovo gives its batteries also sounds exciting. You should be able to charge the notebooks with a power of up to 135 watts. Lenovo would like to include the corresponding power adapter in the scope of delivery.

The displays have a new aspect ratio

If you take a look at the display technology, connoisseurs of the ThinkPad T14 G2 will recognize that nothing has really changed in the successor. Why should that be? The LCDs of the predecessor were already convincing all along the line. However, you already notice that the aspect ratio has changed at first glance. The former 16:9 has now become 16:10. The top features of the ThinkPad T14 G3 include a display with a razor-sharp resolution of 2,240 x 1,400 pixels. The 16-inch model is also sharp. Here, up to 2.5K is possible with 2,560 x 1,600 pixels.

That the T-series of ThinkPads are work machines becomes clear at the latest when it comes to connectivity. Thus, the ThinkPad T14 G3 and ThinkPad T16 also score with an extensive connectivity variety. More precisely, Lenovo installs an RJ45 interface here. However, the use of this interface also has its downsides. The buyer has to live with the omission of the mechanical side docking port. A microSD port is also missing. Those who opt for a model with AMD architecture will also have to do without a modern USB 4.0 port.

AMD models with drawbacks

Regardless of whether you chose a CPU from Intel or AMD, you could expand the working memory in the predecessor models. However, this is only possible with the ThinkPad T14 G3 and ThinkPad T16 if you choose a model with an Intel CPU. You can then upgrade one of the workhorses to up to 48 GB DDR4-3200. If you choose an AMD model, you cannot upgrade the working memory, but the LPDDR5-6400 is a much more up-to-date memory. This is supposed to be much faster, but it is soldered to the device.

An expansion is therefore not possible. Thus, you have to be satisfied with a maximum of 32 GB. However, the AMD processor is also supposed to bring other advantages. Besides more energy efficiency, the graphics unit’s performance is also supposed to be significantly increased by the AMD CPU. Those who like to gamble with the T-series ThinkPad should probably opt for an AMD Ryzen 6000 and accept the “limited” RAM. Speaking of gaming. Lenovo announces that you should be able to equip the T-series with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2050.

Price and Availability

Of course, all of this doesn’t come at a bargain price. Those who decide on a ThinkPad T16 or ThinkPad T14 Gen 3 should be able to get one starting at a base price of 1,400 Euros. However, this does not include the VAT. While the entry-level prices are the same regardless of the installed CPU, AMD and Intel models differ significantly in the release period. The Intel models are supposed to be the first. They should be available as early as April. The AMD versions of both ThinkPads will have to wait until June.

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Lenovo had a few surprises in store at this year’s MWC. For example, the latest generation of the popular ThinkPad T series was presented. A lot seems to have changed. This does not only concern the revised display, but also the new case design. The latest processor technology is supposed to provide more performance in … (Weiterlesen...)

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