Link between PayPal and Facebook is now possible

Who would have thought it? PayPal now offers a new feature that focuses on collaboration with Facebook. In the future, people will be able to retrieve their receipts in the social network’s messenger.

Immediately with optional link to Facebook

Have you also paid something via PayPal in the last days? Then you will surely have noticed the new window that pops up after a purchase. It informs you that the popular online payment service is now linked to Facebook’s own Messenger. Such a cooperation is only known from the home country of both companies – the USA. But what is the point of the new link. Will it be possible to send money via Facebook Messenger in the future?

Transactions are not yet possible

It is not that simple. At least in our fields, sending money from the PayPal account is not possible via Facebook Messenger from now on. In the USA it is different. There you can use the chat service of the social network as a convenient mobile service for PayPal transactions for three years already. Even though there is a corresponding link in this country, you can’t transfer money with it.

Now you will receive a receipt via Facebook Messenger

But there is one feature the new link brings with it. If you pay with your PayPal account, you will receive a receipt via Facebook Messenger. As a result of a payment process, you will immediately receive a message via Messenger. Here you can view the most important information about your purchase. In addition to the amount, you can also see the name of the recipient, the payment date and an order number.

You do not have to link the services

Not everyone is a fan of Facebook or uses Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. Accordingly, it is more than understandable that many would like to do without a link between the two services. But once the link is established, it is not so easy to cancel it. At least you can’t find anything more specific about this in the security settings of the social network.

On top of that, the combination of both services makes it clear that perfection is still a long way off. Especially in terms of language, users have to live with some deficits. For example, German words are mixed with English sections from time to time. But it will probably only take a short time until the service is offered in perfect German.

Is it necessary?

Well, you really have to ask yourself if the world has really been waiting for this not really revolutionary feature. After all, this is just a nasty message in Facebook Messenger. In the end, everyone needs to know for themselves whether they can benefit from it or not. However, the integration has a bland aftertaste. If you keep in mind the grey areas that Facebook has already used on several occasions, this move makes me a bit worried.

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