Logitech G: Pro X headset goes wireless

The Gaming Headset Pro X has been showered with many awards since its release. After all, it has been considered one of the most popular pairs of headphones for e-sports enthusiasts. Now Logitech G is giving the product an update. The gaming experts at Logitech G have announced that the Pro X now comes with a wireless version. As the name already suggests, the LIGHTSPEED version is intended to convince e-sports professionals above all with its low weight and fast data transfer.

Perfect for e-athletes

Logitech G introduced a wireless version of its popular Pro X headphones at an event. These headphones are supposed to convince with their effective LIGHTSPEED technology and loss-free and extremely fast audio transmission. Logitech G has oriented itself in the development first and foremost to successful e-athletes. This was already the case with the Pro X with cables. But professional gamers increasingly wanted a practical feature – the elimination of cables. Soren Bjerg, who as Bjergsen is one of the world’s most successful gamers in LoL, recently wished that a wireless version of Pro X would be even better than the original. Accordingly, he was also pleased about the announcement of Logitech G.

LIGHTSPEED technology

The basis of the new PRO X are high-quality materials. However, despite the elimination of cables, the wireless version is designed to enable optimum communication. The sound should also be rich and precise. The reason for the high and loss-free quality is the LIGHTSPEED technology. This is based on a 2.4 GHz connection, which enables a range of up to 12 metres. The LIGHTSPEED technology also protects the battery. The new PRO X should last for over 20 hours.

Extension of the product portfolio

According to Logitech G, the PRO X is a significant addition to the product range. The tailor-made headset has been developed primarily for aspiring professionals in e-sports. The technical specifications of the wireless headphones, among other things, ensure the best possible gaming performance. The so-called Blue VO! CE software ensures that the best possible speech intelligibility is guaranteed at all times. After all, high-quality communication is often the key to success.

But not only communication should be at the highest level. The 50 mm driver also ensures a detailed but neutral sound. The headset also offers 7.1 surround sound with DTS so that you can easily locate your opponent. To be able to wear the headset for many hours, Logitech G focuses on high wearing comfort. The PRO X isn’t just supposed to be light. It also features memory foam padding. This ensures a comfortable fit for a long time.

Price and availability

In August 2020, the time should have come. Then the wireless PRO X from Logitech G will be on the market. The high-quality headset will be available at a proud RRP of 199.99 euros. If the manufacturer can keep its promises, the price seems quite fair. We are curious.

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