Microsoft Surface Hub 2S: Giant conference display comes to Germany

Microsoft introduced its up to 85-inch Surface Hub 2S almost two years ago. This one comes not only with an impressive size, but also with some practical features.

The wait is over

Of course, devices like the Surface Hub 2S are not produced in large quantities. Accordingly, German prospective buyers of the 85-inch monitor had to wait two years to enjoy the large conference display. The time is finally supposed to come in February. Then the large conference displays will finally be delivered. Of course, not every company needs a conference monitor in gigantic 85 inches. Accordingly, the large touch screen is also available in smaller versions. The 50-inch version will probably have been the most popular. Unlike its larger counterpart, the Surface Hub 2S has already been delivered to companies in this size. However, companies that were interested in the large version were only promised availability.

A hefty price

It’s not surprising that Microsoft is also calling up hefty prices for the two screens. Business customers could order the model with a screen diagonal of 50 inches at a price of just under 9,700 euros. The 35-inch larger model is of course also associated with a decent surcharge. Here, the price is said to be over 25,000 euros. The prices of the accessories are also not for small wallets. If you want to add a battery to your monitor, you will have to pay about 1,600 Euros for the battery module of the Surface Hub 2S. For this you should be able to run the monitor for almost 100 minutes without power. For the rolling stand called Steelcase Roam, about 1,400 euros are added on top.

Changes to the inner workings still uncertain

As of yet, we don’t know if the Surface Hub 2S will get a hardware update to match. When it was unveiled, Microsoft talked about an Intel Core i5 (Coffee Lake), 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal storage. However, an advertised feature raises hopes for hardware improvements. At the time, Microsoft talked about a replaceable hardware module on the back.  Thus, an upgrade should not be a problem for the company. However, it is also possible that Microsoft will save this for the next generation of the large conference monitor.

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