MSI: New gaming peripherals announced

The gaming experts at MSI have announced three new products. In addition to the VIGOR GK50 ELITE gaming keyboard and the CLUTCH GM08 gaming mouse, the manufacturer will also launch a custom wrist rest in the form of the VIGOR WR01.

High-quality materials should meet ergonomics

For its new products, MSI relies on two cornerstones. In addition to ergonomic surfaces, the newcomers to the product portfolio should also feature high-quality mechanics. With this combination, MSI hopes to provide the longest possible gaming experience without noticeable signs of fatigue. With the new products, MSI is not aiming at a specific niche of gamers. It is rather the goal to reach as many gamers of the mainstream as possible. In order to be able to convince, the manufacturer, according to its own statements, relies on a sophisticated gaming design. This is probably characterized by the choice of options on the part of the gamers.

VIGOR GK50 ELITE Gaming Keyboard

The new gaming keyboard from MSI should be distinguished by an elegant design. Here the manufacturer has installed high-quality mechanical switches. This should also convince in competitive games. MSI has installed the keyboard’s switches in such a way that they can give the gamer an audible and perceptible feedback. However, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, the switches should also distinguish themselves through a high stability. Typing should become a crisp experience. In total, the switches of the VIGOR GK50 ELITE should be able to withstand up to 80 million strokes. The durability of the keyboard is rounded off by water and rod resistance according to IP56 certification.

MSI is also very good at design. The frame is made of brushed and anodized aircraft aluminum. This is supposed to make it extremely stable and provide a reliable hold even during exciting sessions. Not only the stable frame should provide the necessary hold for the keyboard. MSI also relies on a non-slip gaming base, which is located directly under the space bar. Of course, nothing works without the appropriate RGB lighting at MSI, either. Accordingly, the keys of the VIGOR GK50 ELITE gaming keyboard will also be able to offer suitable lighting effects. In total there should be eight preset lighting modes.

CLUTCH GM08 gaming mouse

Matching the gaming keyboard, MSI has of course also introduced a gaming mouse. With the CLUTCH G08, the manufacturer especially emphasized an “unrivaled comfort”. The feature of the adjustable weight is exciting. So you can adapt the mouse to your own ideas and the game genre. The end result should be a gaming mouse with the “best possible control”. Left-handers will be pleased with the symmetrical design of the mouse. This means it can be used not only by right-handed people. Not only the individual weight should ensure good control. The comfort package is rounded off with a special scroll wheel, which offers engraved lines. The mouse also offers side handles. This is supposed to provide the extra portion of precision.

MSI is also very good with the sensor. Here the gaming experts rely on an optical sensor from PixArt. The modern PAW 3519 is supposed to allow up to 3200 DPI. Experienced gamers should be able to do lightning-fast target practice with it. As with the keyboard, MSI also promises a long life for the new gaming mouse. The manufacturer has installed switches that are supposed to be able to withstand over 10 million clicks. The USB plug of the gaming mouse also makes a great impression. MSI has gold-plated it, which should prevent contact problems due to corrosion in advance.

VIGOR WR01 wrist rest

In order to bring the maximum of ergonomics into the home gaming setup, MSI offers the matching wrist rest in addition to keyboard and mouse. Of course you can also use this for any other keyboard. The VIGOR WR01 should primarily convince with comfort and ergonomics. Among other things, the special surface made of ice silk lycra should provide the necessary comfort. The smooth material should offer a pleasant cooling at any time. With an antibacterial coating, MSI makes no compromises even in hygienic corona times.

In order to be able to offer comfort even after long gaming sessions, MSI relies on special foam with memory function for the palm rest. According to MSI, the wrist-rest offers a maximum of stability when things get a bit wilder. The rubber base of the VIGOR WR01 should ensure this. Even the fastest movements should not lead to slipping of the hand. Thus, the VIGOR WR01 should be the perfect complement to mouse and keyboard.

Price and availability

All three new additions to MSI’s product range are available in stores immediately. The keyboard costs almost 80 US dollars. The mouse can already be found for 20 US dollars. It remains to be seen how the prices will turn out in our fields.

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