Netatmo: Smart lock without internet connection

The smart lock presented by Netatmo avoids the biggest security risk of smart door locks: it does not require an Internet connection. Instead, Netatmo relies on NFC keys that can be activated and deactivated by the users themselves.

Many interested parties shy away from the comfort offered by smart door locks, as they fear that strangers could gain unauthorized access to their own home through hacker attacks via the Internet. These fears are not to be dispelled – in fact, every device that uses the Internet poses such a danger. With the new smart lock that has now been introduced, Netatmo could help to kick off the triumphant advance of this very gadget. Without an Internet connection, the greatest risk is eliminated. Instead, communication is via NFC and Bluetooth.

The door lock can be opened using NFC keys or an NFC-enabled smartphone. In any case, this requires a smartphone app that can be used both to configure the NFC keys and to issue the opening authorisation to various smartphones. The usage authorizations to be sent via the app can be provided with an expiration date – for example, if the neighbors need access to the apartment during their own vacation to water the flowers, but should not have access afterwards. It is also possible to track usage behavior. It is therefore possible to see which smartphone was used to open the door and when.

Of course, this form of communication is not completely secure either. However, it is likely to arouse the curiosity of those who have so far rejected smart door openers because of the Internet connection. Netatmo also stated that the device is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit and can withstand both physical and digital attacks. The manufacturer did not comment on the price. According to media reports, the product will be available for 350 to 400 euros from the end of the year.

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