Netflix tests linear channel in France

According to a analysis by McKinsey & Company, sales of video streaming have increased by more than 1,000 percent in Germany and other European countries within a few years. In the meantime, however, a kind of “oversaturation” has set in with the customer, which is caused by the fact that the numerous series and films of the various providers can hardly be consumed.

The industry leader Netflix is therefore currently testing an offer in France that violates the actual basic idea of streaming, namely the free availability of content. In the new linear channel, films and series are broadcast in a fixed sequence just like conventional television.

Netflix Direct in France

According to the magazine Variety, the so-called Netflix Direct trial offer is currently only available in France. French and international films and series are streamed from the company’s normal catalog. Currently, Direct is accessible exclusively via browser, the numerous set-top boxes are excluded. At the beginning on November 5, the offer was limited to a small number of customers, which will be successively increased until the beginning of December.

According to Netflix, France was chosen for the test because linear television is still very widespread there and consumers there “like to just sit back and not have to choose anything.

Netflix Shuffle Play suggests content

In addition to Netflix Direct, the streaming provider recently tested Shuffle Play (random play) with several customers worldwide. An algorithm automatically selects content from the large Netflix catalog that is suggested to the user.

In contrast, Netflix Direct, in its linear streaming channel, displays curated content that is specifically selected according to the tastes of each country. The company’s goal is to use the additional features to open up new ways to increase customer loyalty.

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