Nimbus ExaDrive NL SSD with up to 64 TB introduced

With the ExaDrive NL, Nimbus has introduced a “low-cost” alternative to the ExaDrive DC. The biggest difference between the ExaDrive NL and ExaDrive DC is the flash memory cells used. The ExaDrive DC uses more expensive TLC-NAND (Triple Level Cell), which with three bits per cell can handle more write operations than the ExaDrive NL uses QLC-NAND (Quad Level Cell) with four bits per cell.

The basic design of the two SSDs is identical. Both mass storage devices are based internally on four boards, each with its own controller. They are managed by a backplane with an Intel Altera FPGA. The SSDs are connected either via a Sata 6 Gbit/s or a SAS dual port. During the use of the SLC buffer a maximum of 500 MByte per second for reading and 460 MByte per second for writing is reached.

The Nimbus ExaDrive NL is available in 64 TB, 32 TB and 16 TB models. Just like the ExaDrive DC, the ExaDrive NL is designed for continuous operation in data centers. Depending on capacity, 20 to 60 percent of the SSD can be written per day ((0.2 to 0.6 DWPD – Drive Writes Per Day). A durability of 75 petabytes in a period of five years is guaranteed.

Nimbus did not name a release date or prices. For server hardware, however, significant discounts are possible depending on the quantity purchased, making it difficult to publish exact price information. Experts, however, assume less than 3,000 Euros for the 16 TB version.

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