NVIDIA increases prices for GeForce Now subscription

Nvidia’s cloud streaming service GeForce Now is bringing out a new subscription tier, so it will be a bit more expensive for cloud gaming users in the future.

Nvidia GeForce Now – Cloud Streaming

GeForce Now allows users to play games via cloud streaming. In doing so, hosting takes place on Nvidia’s servers, allowing games to be streamed on devices of all kinds. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tablet, laptop, smartphone or computer. Thus, users will be able to stream games that are on platforms like, U-Play, Epic Games Store or Steam, if GeForce Now supports those games.

Priority Membership

The new subscription tier is called Nvidia Priority Membership, this replaces the previous Founders Membership subscription. Previously, there were two options for GeForce Now users. On the one hand, the free use, which only requires an Nvidia account. And on the other hand, the use of Founders Membership subscription, where monthly costs of 5.50 euros were incurred. In the free version, the game time is limited to one hour per day. With the paid subscription, Founders Membership, users had premium access to cloud servers, with up to six hours of gameplay and ray-traced graphics.

The newly introduced subscription tier will replace Founders Membership. With this one, users will get the same features as before, only the price will be twice as high. The launch of the new subscription is expected to come soon. According to Nvidia, those who already have a Founders subscription can avoid the price increase by taking advantage of the “Founders for Life” offer. With this membership, the previous price remains. The subscription is then valid indefinitely, provided that the user account is active and in good standing.

Only in February last year, the Founders membership was brought out of beta after years of testing. Nvidia had already announced that the low price was not meant for longer. The Founders price was only ever intended for a limited time. But some new features are to be added in the future. There will be a larger game library and also a larger number as well as locations of data centers so that the latency for users is reduced.

Priority membership will then be available for 9.99 Euros per month or 99.99 Euros per year, bringing the monthly price down to 8.33 Euros.

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