NZXT Introduces Its First Audio Products

The gaming community is excited about the launch of NZXT’s first audio products. Will the manufacturer of software-based hardware solutions be able to provide the right sound for gamers?

NZXT offers players a new product range. Gamers can look forward to a wired Hi-Res certified headset. In addition, NZXT offers the STND headset stand to match the headset. The product range is completed by the MXER audio controller. All products are characterized by a timeless design typical for NZXT.

NZXT AER Headset

With its AER headset, NZXT has tried to develop a gaming headset that is lightweight and comfortable. At just 291 grams, the AER headset allows its wearer to play long evenings without neck pain. Despite its low weight, the AER headset is equipped with hi-res audio drivers for a powerful sound. With the AER Headset the customer has the choice between an open or closed construction. The preferred design depends on the desired sound. The closed design offers strong bass and almost completely shields the player from the outside world. In contrast to this, the open design trumps in the middle tone range and provides a natural sound. Ambient noise is not completely eliminated. Thanks to the 7.1 surround sound, the NZXT AER headset offers a wide sound stage that provides a cinema feeling on your home computer.

MXER Audio Controller

The new audio controller from NZXT, for example, offers the user the possibility to thread between sound and speech output with the highest precision. The audio controller ensures maximum fidelity at all times, which is guaranteed by a high-quality Wolfson digital-to-analog converter (24 bit / 96 kHz).

STND Headset Stand

NZXT offers with the STND Headset Stand the suitable possibility of a mounting so that the domestic headset does not only lie on the table top. The high-quality steel construction offers a guaranteed eye-catcher due to the timeless design. Practical features such as the automatic change to the standard loudspeakers when the AER headset is placed on the stand make gamers’ hearts beat faster.

The launch of NZXT’s new products sounds promising. Since NZXT’s products have always proven to be user-friendly, it is to be hoped that the audio products will also live up to the software manufacturer’s reputation. AER Headset (€129.99), STND Headset Stand (€39.99) and MXER Audio Controller (€99.99) will be available in December.

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