Oppo Watch 2: AMOLED meets 16 days of battery life

Oppo wants to launch its in-house “Oppo Watch” in version 2. The second generation of its popular smartwatch seems to have the same basic idea as its predecessor. Thus, you are supposed to get a lot of performance for comparatively little money. With a Snapdragon Wear 4100, a chic AMOLED panel and a rich battery life of more than two weeks, many buyers should be convinced. We take a closer look at what irons the Chinese company has in the fire.

It does look familiar…

If you take a look at the upcoming Oppo Watch 2, you might get the feeling that this is a smartwatch from Apple. This is hardly surprising in view of the design that is strongly oriented towards the Apple Watch. However, looking at the price tag, it quickly becomes clear that this cannot be a product from the US tech company due to the price alone. However, even if you take a closer look, you will quickly notice differences that are partly to the advantage of Oppo’s affordable smartwatch. For example, the Chinese want to score with blazing fast charging and a significantly longer battery life.

Photo: Oppo

But it’s not just the Apple Watch that Oppo’s Watch 2 resembles. The descent from the first generation of smartwatches from Oppo cannot be denied here either. However, the differences in technology are really significant compared to version 1. The Chinese company has equipped the new version with a promising Snapdragon Wear 4100 from Qualcomm. So far, we only know it from selected smartwatches. However, it already does a very good job there, which not only affects the general speed, but also the battery’s endurance. Thanks to great energy efficiency.

Significantly longer battery life

However, according to Oppo, Qualcomm’s miracle processor is not the only reason for the long battery life. On top of that, the Chinese install an Apollo 4s Co. This additional CPU is supposed to ensure that Oppo’s smartwatch achieves this anything but typical runtime. As is typical for “marketing talk”, the 16-day battery runtime is of course only theoretical. One thing is certain: You will probably not be able to enjoy this value when using the Oppo Watch 2 as a standard. If you use the smart watch like a normal consumer and use all the features, it should last four days.

Image: Oppo

While that still puts Apple’s smartwatch in the shade, it’s “only” a quarter of the advertised battery life. Apart from the endurance, Oppo also scores with the charging option of its installed battery. Oppo’s in-house VOOC fast charging feature is supposed to be possible for the small smartwatch. This means that power for an entire day of use can be created after just ten minutes of charging.

Impressive hardware

When you look at the wide range of features, the advertised battery life only really seems impressive. After all, Oppo offers a rich feature package here that does not have to hide from the other flagships in the smartwatch sector at all. The first feature is the chic AMOLED display. It measures 1.75 inches and is sufficiently sharp with 326 ppi (pixels per inch). The rounded design on the sides is pretty. Nevertheless, this results in a problem that we know from the Apple Watch and other representatives of favor. If the glass is damaged, the repair or replacement is very expensive.

Image: Oppo

Away from the touchscreen, there are also other controls on the smartwatch. For example, you should be able to use two buttons on the right side of the smartwatch to control the watch. Thanks to a water resistance of up to 5 ATM, the Watch 2 is also interesting for athletes. After all, you can even wear it while swimming without hesitation. With an extensive range of over 100 sports modes, every amateur athlete should probably find what they are looking for, and sports slackers might find a suitable motivation. Thanks to the heart rate monitor, SpO2 meter and GPS, the most important values are tracked. Of course, general health features such as a sleep tracker may not be missing.

Prices and availability

From the factory, Oppo wants to give the Watch 2 ColorOS. This special smartwatch software is based on Android 8.1. We are curious whether Oppo will make a switch to WearOS in terms of software after the release in the international terrain. The Chinese consumer electronics company took this step with the first generation of its smartwatch. At release, you can choose between three different versions of the Watch 2. Prices are expected to start at the equivalent of about 169 euros.

Image: Oppo

For this, you get the “small” version with 42 mm size and have to do without LTE. The counterpart with LTE is to be launched at a price of the equivalent of just under 195 euros. The large 46 mm version is only available with LTE. Oppo wants to charge the equivalent of just under 260 Euros. Chinese consumers will be able to buy the promising smartwatch starting August 6. However, it is not yet known when the enduring and powerful Oppo Watch 2 will be launched in Germany.

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Oppo wants to launch its in-house „Oppo Watch“ in version 2. The second generation of its popular smartwatch seems to have the same basic idea as its predecessor. Thus, you are supposed to get a lot of performance for comparatively little money. With a Snapdragon Wear 4100, a chic AMOLED panel and a rich battery … (Weiterlesen...)

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