POCO X5 Pro 5G: POCO’s new smartphone relies on flow AMOLED technology

Since the development of the first smartphones, cell phone screens have changed dramatically. From the classic display to the touchscreen, from straight to bendable screens, from LCD to OLED – and even beyond. One constant has always been the fact that the latest and highest-quality displays, which are largely responsible for the experience, have only been available in the top price range. POCO has set itself the goal of changing precisely this circumstance. The company, which is known for its low-cost devices, has developed a quasi-flagship smartphone that sits in the mid-price range and features a high-end screen: the POCO X5 Pro 5G. POCO relies on a Flow AMOLED screen here. How this differs from a classic OLED screen and what POCO wants to convince with beyond that, you can find out in this article!

What is Flow AMOLED?

From a technical point of view, Flow AMOLED is similar to the classic OLED. A flow AMOLED display is also composed of thousands of small organic light-emitting diodes that release light as soon as they are turned on.

The biggest difference between flow AMOLED and traditional OLED screens is the substrate material used to hold the light-emitting diodes in place. Unlike OLED screens, flow AMOLED screens rely on particularly flexible substrates. This means that the advantages of established OLED technology can be joined by others.

Due to their high plasticity and flexible screen, flow AMOLED screens are often used in high-end cell phones. This is because they allow the screen bezel to be reduced. Flow AMOLED screens also have a certain shock-absorbing effect, are only half as thick as conventional OLED screens and have a lower weight.

POCO relies on a Flow AMOLED display in the X5 Pro 5G

Flow AMOLED is thinner and lighter

Because of the aforementioned features, Flow AMOLED has become the technology of choice in high-end smartphones. POCO is now taking a different approach by using the technology in a mid-range priced smartphone. The X5 Pro 5G thus becomes a device with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Thanks to the Flow AMOLED display used, the POCO X5 Pro 5G is impressive in terms of weight and thickness: with a thickness of 7.9 millimeters and a weight of 181 grams, it is particularly slim and light. This clearly distinguishes it from other devices in the same price range, which usually weigh rather 200 grams and are thicker. This is associated with a pleasant feeling when using the phone. The POCO X5 Pro 5G is light in the hand, which is a great advantage especially for people who use their smartphone excessively.

Luminous colors and easy on the eyes

Although OLED screens have become the preferred solution for flagship smartphones, some individuals still prefer LCD screens. This is attributed to the fact that LCD screens are easier on the eyes than OLED displays. OLED displays sometimes have problems with low-frequency PMW dimming, which can strain the eyes. To avoid this, POCO relies on high-frequency 1920 Hz PMW dimming for the X5 Pro 5G. Thus, the display is supposed to be more eye-friendly than a conventional OLED screen.

However, the described dimming technology is not only supposed to solve the problem of low-frequency flickering that strains the eyes, but also ensure high picture quality. Compared to the common DC dimming, there is no loss of quality. Furthermore, the described dimming technology leads to a pleasant user experience in the dark – even for sensitive eyes. Display flickering does not occur even at low brightness, which is very pleasant for the eyes.

The device can also convince with its refresh rate of 120 Hz, which ensures a smooth image transition. The 10-bit display can also display 1.07 billion colors. Compared to conventional 8-bit displays, it thus offers more authentic colors and a more natural-looking color transition. The smartphone can therefore not only be used for everyday tasks, but also for professional purposes.

The POCO X5 Pro 5G thus shows that the many advantages of the Flow AMOLED technology do not necessarily have to be reserved for expensive flagship smartphones.

108 MP strong camera

However, the POCO X5 Pro 5G cannot score points exclusively with the described high-quality screen. The 108 MP main camera is also worth mentioning. The advantages of the high resolution are obvious. Photos taken with the integrated camera are razor-sharp – even after multiple enlargements. The latter point contributes to the fact that post-processing is easy. At the same time, processing such high-resolution pictures is a challenge for the phone’s processor.

The POCO X5 Pro 5G is equipped with the Snapdragon 778G. This processor is up to all the demands of everyday use. Even during strong challenges – such as the aforementioned image editing or computationally intensive games – the chip used proves to be reliable and does not run hot. Thus, the potential of the 108 MP camera can be fully exploited.

However, not only photos, but also videos can be made in the highest quality – which is very important for many people in times of TikTok and co. The POCO X5 Pro 5G has a 4K recording function as well as a VLOG mode. This eliminates the need to carry a large camera around to produce professional video content.

The POCO X5 Pro 5G also features both an ultra-wide angle lens and a macro lens. This allows the camera to be adjusted to different settings and requirements, resulting in the best possible results every time. The ultra-wide angle lens is very suitable for landscape photography, for example.

Great value for money with the POCO X5 Pro 5G

With its flow AMOLED screen, 1920Hz PWM dimming, 10MP main camera, and ability to record 4K videos, the POCO X5 Pro 5G offers many aspects that were previously exclusive to flagship smartphones. The POCO X5 Pro 5G is thus a kind of particularly affordable quasi-flagship smartphone.

Most other devices that offer similar features cost around $400 to $500. The POCO X5 Pro 5G, on the other hand, is supposed to cost less than $400. More details are not known yet.

POCO X5 Pro 5G
More information on the POCO X5 Pro 5G is expected to follow on February 6.

If you would like more information about the POCO X5 Pro 5G, you can follow POCO on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. POCO will hold an official product launch event on February 6 at 8pm Chinese time (1pm German time). Further news is also to be announced at a press conference.

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