Qualcomm pushes for lifting of trade restrictions with Huawei

The company Qualcomm, which develops high-end chipsets, is pressing the US government to lift trade restrictions on Huawei. According to the company’s own information, it is losing up to eight billion US dollars a year in revenue.

The Wall Street Journal first reported on Qualcoom’s request. The US magazine referred to a presentation by Qualcomm that was sent to politicians in key positions. According to the presentation, Qualcoom is supposed to press Huawei to be allowed to supply SoC chips for 5G smartphones again – and argue that a trade ban would be contrary to American interests.
Trade in Huawei has been banned for US companies since May 15, 2019, the day President Donald Trump signed a decree declaring a national emergency for telecommunications. All transactions that pose a risk to the US have since been prohibited in this area – and Huawei is classified as a potential risk. As a result, Qualcomm’s sale of high-end chips to the Chinese company came to a virtual standstill.

Huawei says that a market that could yield up to eight billion dollars a year will be sold to foreign competitors once the decision is made. In particular, the Taiwanese company Mediatek and Samsung from South Korea would benefit from the decision, while the US company Qualcomm would be disadvantaged. Qualcomm’s aim is therefore to ensure that the regulation, which is intended to strengthen the USA, weakens it economically.

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