Razer Anzu: Smart glasses for gamers

The gaming experts from Razer have presented an exciting pair of glasses for gamers. The smart glasses called “Anzu” are a wearable that comes with practical features. Razer does not only talk about a reliable blue light filter. On top of that, “Anzu” offers polarized sunglass lenses that are supposed to provide 99 percent protection from UVA and UVB rays. Smart features like touch controls and open-ear audio round out the exciting overall package. According to Razer, digital entertainment for gamers is not the only area of application. In addition, one should also be able to use the glasses for outdoor activities.

Much performance, little weight

Of course, the weight also plays a decisive role for the wearing comfort of a pair of glasses. At just 48 grams, “Anzu” is a real featherweight. Razer has been able to achieve the low weight through the special choice of materials. Razer follows current trends when it comes to design. The manufacturer has opted for a round or rectangular design of the glasses. In terms of size, you can again choose between two different designs.

On board are not only practical speakers, but also an omnidirectional microphone. Razer relies on a touch control for the operation. The corresponding interface is located on the side of the glasses frame. Thus, not only the music playback can be controlled. On top of that, you can use it to manage conference calls, for example.

Smart glasses as an “all-in-one solution”

The battery of the smart glasses is said to be able to last up to two weeks in standby mode. Those who actively use them will have to be satisfied with five hours. Furthermore, Razer advertises a water-resistant design according to IPX4 certification. The US company itself describes its “Anzu” glasses as an all-in-one solution. The gaming experts also describe the smart glasses as follows:

“The Razer Anzu brings the wearable category into the modern age in terms of comfort, blue light and UV protection.”

The company also emphasizes the added value of the smart glasses as follows:

“With Anzu, Razer is entering the market at a time when many people are working from home and eye protection, voice communication and smart features are more important than ever.”

Considering rising numbers of gaming enthusiasts and professions that require working at monitors on a daily basis, “Anzu” comes at a perfect time. After all, the glasses obviously solve problems that corresponding people are often plagued by.

Above all, the filtering out of harmful blue light is a positive side effect. Since you can also use the glasses as sunglasses, it offers a commendable Mehrwehrt.

Prices and availability

Razer also has potential buyers with impaired vision in mind. They should be able to benefit from a 15 percent discount at the lens manufacturer “Lensabl”. For “Anzu” itself, Razer calls for an MSRP of 210 Euros. Interested buyers can buy it on Razer’s website.

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