Razer presents BlackShark V2 Pro

With the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro, the manufacturer for gaming peripherals has presented a genuine headset for demanding gamers’ ears. Thanks to the latest technology, the headphones should be able to convince especially in the e-sports sector. The so-called HyperSpeed-Wireless technology is supposed to ensure this. This reduces the latency to astonishingly low values.

Little but fine improvements compared to V2

Already the BlackShark V2 was very popular among friends of Razer. With the Pro, the headset will now be developed a little bit further. The Pro model now comes with a new microphone housing and an additional speaker chamber. But the most significant change will probably be the change from USB sound card to wireless listening. The technologies of audio output and microphone recording have not changed compared to the BlackShark V2.

Almost no latency

Many gamers swear by headsets with cables. After all, a good old audio cable also guarantees the most loss-free and above all latency-free sound and audio recording. Accordingly, many e-athletes still swear by the BlackShark V2. But Razer also promises an impressive latency of just 195 microseconds in its Pro version. Razer HyperSpeed Wireless Technology is one of the reasons for this impressively low latency. But that’s not all Razer’s proprietary technology makes possible. It is also intended to advance the BlackShark V2 Pro in terms of sound. The manufacturer promises a sound that is not only lossless but also immersive. This guarantees wireless gaming in a class of its own.

Great sound

Inside the headphones are two TriForce Titanium drivers with a diameter of 50 mm. Thanks to an additional loudspeaker chamber, the already good sound of the standard model is to become even brighter and clearer. The surround technology THX Spatial Audio will also contribute to a great sound experience. This comes with sound profiles that are specifically aimed at gamers. Razer relies on a long-lasting battery so that you can play for as long as possible on one battery charge. This should allow 24 hours of gaming fun. The radio range of the BlackShark V2 Pro should be able to reach up to 12 meters via Bluetooth.

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Powerful microphone

The BlackShark V2 Pro comes with the HyperClear Supercardioid microphone. This microphone is difficult to pronounce, but is supposed to provide crystal clear speech quality. Razer underlines its role as a gaming expert here as well. After all, good team communication is the key to success in many areas of e-sports. The powerful microphone also promises improved voice isolation. Disturbing ambient noise is virtually non-existent.

Comparison easy

At just 320 grams, the BlackShark V2 Pro is comparatively light. Especially if you keep in mind how much technology Razer uses here, the weight is quite surprising. But despite the low weight, Razer relies on a robust construction. Razer also wants to ensure that it is comfortable to wear. The material used for the ear cups is soft cushions and a cover made of imitation leather. These should be able to provide passive noise suppression through a good fit.

Prices and availability

If you are interested in the Pro version of BlackShark V2, you can access it now. The new, wireless version is available at an RRP of 199.99 Euro. Who cables do not disturb, that can also still seize to the popular predecessor. The Razer BlackShark V2 USB has a RRP of 109.99 Euro.

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