Sabrent Rocket Q: First 8-Tbyte SSD with NVMe

Sabrent, a manufacturer of SSDs that is still quite unknown in Germany, is currently drawing attention to itself with a novelty that is not yet available from other manufacturers. An NVMe SSD with 8 terabyte capacity.

The Rocket Q 8 TByte comes in the M.2-2280 form factor and is thus 80 millimeters long. Sabrent uses its QLC memory from Micron with four bits per cell (Quadruple Level Cells) and a Phison E12S controller.

First test results of the SSD show sequential read speeds of 3.3 gigabytes per second. The pseudo-SLC cache, which is about 500 gigabytes in size, can be written to at about 2.9 gigabytes per second. After that the speed decreases. The IOPS are impressively high with 550,000 reads and 680,000 writes. The Sabrent Rocket Q thus belongs to the upper class SSDs among the PCIe 3.0 models.

The Sabrent Rocket Q is equipped with QLC memory on both sides and thus makes it to the enormous capacity of four terabytes. Other manufacturers offer a maximum of two terabytes up to now. The only 4 TB SSD also comes from Sabrent.

While the Sabrent Rocket Q 4 TByte is 700 Euro, the 8-Terabyte SSD costs 1,500 Euro. For this, Sabrent also offers a five-year guarantee and an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of 1.8 million hours.

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