Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 – new tablet for field use

Last week Samsung Electronics introduced the new Galaxy Tab Active 3. It is robust, slim and compact, making it perfect for the field.

Samsung developed the tablet to meet the requirements of today’s business world. When improving the Tab Active 3, the focus was on increasing productivity and security.

The productivity features include touch sensitivity. For example, if first responders use gloves as usual, they can continue working with the tablet.

Built for difficult environments and conditions

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 is now MIL-STD-810H certified. This means that it should be suitable for the toughest environments and most extreme tasks in the world. With its protective cover, it can now withstand falls of up to 1.5 meters. Not only has better shock absorption been integrated, but the tab is dustproof and waterproof to IP68. Thus the tablet offers safety in unpredictable outdoor environments at work.

The tab is also available with the IP68 certified S-Pen, which is very well suited for signature capture. Like the tablet, the S-Pen is waterproof and dustproof.

By optimizing the camera, it makes the tab perfect for retail use. Barcodes can be scanned and inventory management is simplified. NFC is also supported with EMV Level 1 for payment.


With 4 GB RAM and up to 128 GB internal memory, the tablet can definitely keep up in today’s working world. A powerful processor Exynos 9810 is also installed. Features WiFi 6 MIMO for very fast WiFi connectivity and higher data transfer speeds.

The battery is long-lasting and replaceable. The fast charging can be done via USB and POGO pins. If the tablet is used stationary in one place, it can be set to “no battery” mode and power is supplied without the battery.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 also offers a PC-like experience because Samsung DeX is supported.


The front camera of the Tab Active 3 has 5 megapixels, which makes it perfect for video conferencing. In contrast, the rear camera has 13 megapixels, providing perfect clarity for taking pictures or scanning documents.

Augmented Reality

The Active 3 now also supports Google ARCore, enabling augmented reality services such as remote training.


Samsung wants to offer its customers the best possible solutions and products and supports the tab with up to three generations of Android operating system upgrades. It continues to be protected by Samsung Knox, the security platform for defense purposes and ongoing security updates. IT administrators can also use Samsung Knox to manage and customize all the programs and apps in the enterprise.


The new Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 is expected to be available soon from selected mobile phone providers and retail partners. The price will be 477 Euro.

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