Samsung Galaxy XCover 5: New smartphone with ruggedness

It happens quickly. A brief moment of inattention can cause your smartphone to slip out of your hands. The consequences can be very expensive. You have to expect high repair costs, especially for broken displays. The solution to this problem is a smartphone that can even withstand falls without any problems. Samsung has now presented a new smartphone “for demanding work environments” with its Galaxy XCover 5.

Companion in the field and on the factory floor

According to Samsung Newsroom Germany, the Galaxy XCover 5 is “a rugged device as part of the digitization of work processes in the field and on factory floors.” Despite the comprehensive protection, you do not have to live with a clunky design here. Instead, the electronics company advertises its newcomer with slim dimensions. The robust workmanship is supposed to make it suitable for demanding work environments. However, Samsung also relies on a high touch sensitivity. Thus, the Galaxy XCover 5 can also be used with gloves. The product design is rounded off with a powerful battery that can also be replaced.

Focus on modern everyday working life

Samsung wants to respond to the fact that in our modern society, smartphones are also used in classic craft work environments. In the course of digitalization, this is simply without alternative for companies. Accordingly, the South Koreans want to launch mobile devices on the market that can easily withstand the requirements of corresponding work environments. The so-called “rigged devices” should be able to be used “in the factory or warehouse or in the field in heat, rain or snow”. The focus is on ensuring “reliable functionality even in harsh environments.” The “protection of sensitive data” plays a major role.

Comprehensive protection

Particularly in stressful everyday working environments, there is a high risk of the smartphone once falling from the hands to the floor. Just think of craftsmen who carry out repair work in the field. The Galaxy XCover 5 is supposed to keep you on the safe side. It is supposed to be able to withstand drops from up to 1.5 meters. Protection against damaging water and dust penetration is also ensured according to IP68. Since work gloves are often used in challenging jobs, the Galaxy XCover 5 offers a special “glove touch function”. Thus, the smartphone can also be operated comfortably with gloves.

It is not only the smartphone hardware that is protected. After all, sensitive data is often in use, especially in the corporate sector. Samsung relies on “Samsung Knox” to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing it. This is a security platform that is supposed to reliably protect against access to business-critical information. In times of malware and other threats from hacker attacks, this is particularly important.

Practical features

Since the Galaxy XCover 5 is intended to be used in the business sector, Samsung also offers exciting features that should make work easier. This includes the walkie-talkie function, for example. This is supposed to make collaborations within the company as uncomplicated as possible. Push-to-Talk and an integration into Microsoft Teams round off the positive overall picture of practicality. The XCover button of the Galaxy XCover 5 is also exciting. You can assign it individually. For example, the flashlight or the most frequently used app can be opened at the push of a button.

Reliable hardware

The powerful features are not least due to good hardware. Samsung relies on the Exynos850 processor here. This is supported by 4 GB of RAM. In terms of storage space, users have 64 GB at their disposal. The battery is a long-lasting and replaceable 3,000 mAh battery. It cannot keep up with the spearheads of the competition in terms of endurance, but the capacity should be sufficient for a working day. A 16 MP camera is installed on the rear.

On the front, there is a front camera with 5 MP. This not only enables selfies, but should also be able to be used for unlocking via facial recognition. In combination with the camera, the Galaxy XCover 5 offers the “Knox Capture app”. Common barcodes can be scanned quickly and easily with the help of this. The LED flashlight should not only be able to provide flash light, but should also enable the user to work in dark environments. Thanks to the built-in NFC chip, you can also benefit from modern payment methods.

Price and availability

The Galaxy XCover 5 is still scheduled to launch at the beginning of March. Not only private customers can access it here. On top of that, Samsung wants to launch a special Enterprise Edition. This includes a five-year warranty for regular software updates. A free membership in Knox Suite is also included. This should not only make it easy to configure the smartphone, but also to manage it. We do not yet know how high the costs for the smartphone will be. Samsung charges an MSRP of 329 pounds in the UK.

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