Simple budget case from SilentiumPC: Ventum VT2

The Polish manufacturer SilentiumPC has introduced the Ventum-VT2 series, simple models for small budgets. An RGB lighting and a tempered glass side panel are still available.

Four variants of the Ventum V2

The basic version of the Vetum V2 offers space for a cooler with a height of 159 mm and graphics cards with a length of up to 290 mm. With the graphics card it becomes then already somewhat close. Whereby the target group of the favorable case should not be the high-end user. Apart from that, the VT2 can accommodate up to three hard disks. One 3.5 or 2.5 inch HDD can be screwed directly to the bottom of the case and the other two 2.5 inch HDDs in the brackets behind the mainboard tray. However, mounting on the bottom of the case reduces the space for the power supply unit from 230 mm to 180 mm, which should be considered.

A 120 mm fan can be mounted in the rear of the VT2 case, which is included in all versions of the Ventum VT2. Also, up to two 120 mm fans can be mounted under the lid of the case, these are optional. Behind the front panel there is space for three more 120 mm fans, whereby none is included in the basic model and one is already included in the other variants. Radiators can be mounted up to a size of 240 mm or 360 mm. Depending on the product variant, the type and number of fans already installed and also whether they are illuminated or not differ.

The Ventum VT2 model has two USB 3.0 (USB 3.2 Gen 1) ports and two audio ports. The dimensions of the case of all variants are 374 x 211 x 411 mm, i.e. 32.43 liters of volume. The weight of the basic model is 3.45 kg and that of the other models 4.4 kg.

Variants, availability and prices

All four versions of the Ventum VT2 are available in stores immediately. The basic model of the VT2 comes with a 120 mm fan at a price of 33 euros. If the buyer wants fans behind the front as well as a side window made of glass, the VT2 TG is a good choice. The VT2 TG is priced at 40 euros. The third variant of the VT2 series, the VT2 TG ARGB, is available for 43 euros and this has given the fan behind the rear an ARGB LED lighting. There is also a controller to control it. The most expensive version is the VT2 Evo ARGB, which lights all three fans. Of course also with RGB controller.

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