Smart alarm clock Lenovo Smart Clock Essential introduced

The Chinese technology group Lenovo has introduced the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential, a smart alarm clock that is to be released in September for 60 euros and is compatible with the Google Assistant.

What features does the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential offer?

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential has an easy-to-read display from any angle and can automatically adjust screen brightness based on current ambient light. An alarm button, music play button, two volume buttons and a mute button have been integrated.

A night light is located on the back of the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential and a smartphone can be charged via the USB port. As a special feature, music playback is offered as with the normal Lenovo Smart Clock.

WLAN and Bluetooth 5.0 are supported by the clock. The working memory is 4 GB and flash memory is 512 MB. The power of the loudspeaker is indicated with 3 watts.

Google Assistant

All functions of the Google Assistant voice wizard are available on the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential after a connection. The manufacturer dispensed with a jack plug and prevents the connection of an external speaker.

If you are looking for a smart alarm clock, would like to listen to music or a radio play in the bedroom before going to sleep, you should take a look at the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential.

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