Solo-Loop wristbands from Apple do not fit

The Solo-Loop bracelets, which were specially designed for the Apple Watch, must be ordered in the right size right away – because they no longer have a clasp. If something does not fit, the bracelet and the Apple Watch must be exchanged. This can result in a long waiting period.

Too large bracelets

The new wristbands from Apple can be slipped over the wrist “just like that”. In order to avoid mistakes during the purchase, Apple has provided a printable template on its website, with which customers can determine their wrist circumference in advance of the purchase.

However, problems occurred here. There were several reports from users that they ordered the bracelet one size too big despite the template. In the store, the template would have been an interesting way to determine the correct size.

Possible causes

So far, the concrete cause of the problem can only be speculated. It is assumed that the problem lies in the fact that the template Apple provides for measuring the wrist circumference is only available in one size. However, users could simply measure an incorrect size.

However, the Apple Watch is available in two sizes, 40 and 44 mm. If a person with small wrists then measures with the template that is more oriented towards the 44 mm, logically incorrect information will be given.

The exchange can take a long time

If the bracelet is in the wrong size once purchased, only an exchange will help. However, the problem is that Apple sees Smart Watch and wristband as one article and you cannot exchange the wristband alone.

Here it is reported again and again that there can be longer waiting times due to delivery bottlenecks.

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