SteelSeries launches two superlight gaming mice

SteelSeries has introduced two new gaming mice, the Aerox 3 and the Aerox 3 Wireless – the new mice are ultra-light with a weight of just 57 grams and 66 grams.

SteelSeries enters the market of ultra-light mice!

SteelSeries now wants to inspire gamers with its new lightweight mice. The company presented its answer to the trends with its new gaming mice, the Aerox 3 and the Aerox 3 Wireless. With these mice, the manufacturer wants to combine durable high-end technology in an ultra-light form factor. All elements in the two Aerox 3 were developed to ensure the fastest possible response times when playing games. With the series, the CEO not only wants to inspire SteelSeries fans, he wants to reach gamers worldwide. He promises this through the outstanding workmanship and performance of his gaming mice.

Aerox 3 Wireless

The wireless version of the Aerox 3 weighs just 66 grams and is ideal for fast mouse movements. For the sensor, SteelSeries has developed a new sensor in cooperation with PixArt. It uses the TrueMove Air, which was specially developed for wireless performance. With 18.000 CPI, 400 IPS and 40G it offers the speed, quality and accuracy that is important for gamers. Since the sensor is an energy miracle, SteelSeries was able to use a smaller battery and thus save weight. Even though the battery is smaller, it lasts longer than the competitor’s battery. The Aerox 3 Wireless is one of the first IP54-rated gaming mice to offer water resistance and protection from oil, dirt and the common dust. In addition, the manufacturer has also developed the “AquaBarrier” technology, which serves to protect the seemingly exposed circuits in the interior. This eliminates concerns about durability that could arise from the perforated shell design.

Like the Rival 3 Wireless, the Aerox 3 Wireless uses the new Quantum 2.0 technology with Dual Wireless. The connection here is established via 2.4 GHz radio (via USB adapter) or Bluetooth. This means that a battery life of 400 hours has already been achieved with the Rival 3 Wireless. With the Aerox 3 Wireless, up to 200 hours should be possible when using Bluetooth and up to 80 hours of battery life in 2.4 GHz mode. Once the battery is empty, the mouse supports quick charging with USB-C. Within 15 minutes, the mouse can then be used again for approximately 40 hours. The Aerox 3 Wireless has a Super Mesh cable for less drag and a lighter feel. With the PTFE Glide Skates, the user has better control and the necessary smoothness of the mouse. Finally, the SteelSeries Engine allows the user to fully customize the three zones of RGB lighting. Additional adjustments are possible via USB-C.

Aerox 3

The wired version of the Aerox 3 has some of the features of the Aerox 3 Wireless. For example, it also has IP54 water and dust resistance and a hole-in-hole design. Also the Super Mesh cable, PTFE glide skates, triple zone RGB lighting and USB-C cable adjustment are the same. However, there is a big difference between the two gaming mice. In contrast to the Aerox 3 Wireless, the Aerox 3 does not use the TrueMove Air sensor, but the TrueMove Core sensor. This was first introduced in the Rival 3 and is an optical sensor with 8,500 CPI, 300 IPS and 35G. With the wired version of the Aerox 3, SteelSeries was even able to reduce the weight to just 57 grams.

Availability and price

Both the Aerox 3 Wireless and the will Aerox 3 are available from November 10, 2020. The Aerox 3 will be available at 69.99 euros and the Wireless at 109.99 euros.

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