Streaming service Spotify tests emergency alerts

Spotify is currently testing a new emergency alert function via its music app in Sweden. This feature could help users to be informed quickly in the event of disasters or other important events. The test has sparked interest from tech experts and users alike and raises questions about the future and possible implications of this feature.

Key points:

  • Spotify is testing emergency alerts in Sweden.
  • The function is intended to provide information in the event of accidents, disasters and important events.
  • Comparable systems already exist at Meta (Facebook) and Google.
  • The test could help users to activate the app notifications.

The emergency alerts test

Spotify has confirmed to TechCrunch that it is testing a new system in its home market of Sweden that sends emergency alerts to users via the app. This feature could cover a wide range of alerts, including accidents, natural disasters and disruptions to essential services.

Spotify explains that regular tests are carried out to improve the user experience. Some tests pave the way for broader features, while others are simply a learning process. These tests are not uncommon and are often used to evaluate new ideas and features before rolling them out to a wider user base.

Comparison with other services

Other major tech services have already implemented similar functions. Meta’s “Safety Check” on Facebook, for example, allows users to receive updates in the event of major disasters and emergencies. Google also has systems that can warn users in the event of disasters.

These functions have proven useful for quickly informing and connecting people in crisis situations. In the US, legislation is being considered to require online video and streaming apps to support emergency alerts. This trend could also spread to other markets and services worldwide.


The testing of emergency alerts by Spotify in Sweden could be a significant step towards the wider use of music apps for safety-related notifications. If the tests prove successful, we could see a wider roll-out of this feature in the future.

Spotify could thus serve not only as a music service, but also as an important source of information in times of crisis. The new feature is still in the testing stage and it remains to be seen if and when it will be available in other markets. However, the ongoing test shows that Spotify is striving to further develop its app and offer users real added value.

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