Synology presents NAS SSDs with SATA and NVMe

NAS manufacturer Synology will also offer SSDs that are designed for use in such NAS systems. The models are named SAT5200, SNV3400 and SNV3500 and will be available soon. Additionally, Synology has also introduced matching M.2 adapters.

Synology SAT5200 SATA-SSD

The SAT5200 is in 2.5-inch format and is connected via SATA cable. It will be available with 480, 960 and 1,920 gigabytes.

The speed of the SATA SSD is only specified in IOPS, which is probably the more important value. These are 98,000 reading and 67,000 writing.

Synology provides a 5-year limited warranty with a DWPD (Drive Writes per Day) of 1.3, which means Synology guarantees that the SSD can be written to 1.3 times per day for 5 years.

In addition, the SAT5200 provides power failure protection.

Synology SNV3400 & SNV3500 NVMe-SSD

The Synology SNV3400 is an NVMe-SSD just like the SNV3500. While the SNV3400 comes in an M.2-2280 form factor, the SNV3500 is a little larger with M.2-22110. Both SSDs are only available with a capacity of 400 GB, which is why a length of 110 millimeters isn’t apparent to us.

The DWPD value for both NVMe SSDs is 0.68, which is less than the Seagate IronWolf 510, which is also marketed as a NAS SSD.

However, with 205,000 IOPS read and 40,000 IOPS write, the new Synology SSDs are pleasantly fast, and are faster than the 480GB version of the Seagate Ironwolf, but slower than the 960GB model. For the NVMe SSDs, Synology also specifies the speed in megabytes per second: 3,100 MB/s read and 550 MB/s write. Especially the write performance is thus a bit slow.

The SNV3500 also has power failure protection, but the SNV3400 does not. The two NVMe SSDs also have a five-year limited warranty.

Synology M2D20 & E-10M20-T1 M.2 adapter

The Synology M2D20 is an evolution of the M2D18, an M.2 SSD adapter card. The Synology M2D20 NVMe SSD card is based on PCIe 3.0 x8.

More impressive is the E-10M2-T1 expansion card. Here, customers get two M.2 slots (2280 or 22110) and a 10 Gigabit RJ-45 network connection (downward compatible) at the same time.

Prices and availability

Synology SSDs and expansion cards are expected to be available in stores soon. The RRP of the SAT5200 is 190 Euro for 480GB, 345 Euro for 960GB and 618 Euro for 1,920GB. The SNV3400 and the SNV3500 are at 155 and 178.50 Euro respectively. Prices for the expansion cards have not yet been mentioned.

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