Trust Gaming: Two new microphones for streaming

The experts from Trust Gaming are launching two new microphones, the GXT 241 Velica and the GXT 259 Rudox. The target group includes gamers, YouTubers, streamers, podcasters and musicians. While the GXT 241 Velica is intended more for everyday hobby use, comes with the GXT 259 Rudox a microphone that should even be suitable for professional studio recordings.

GXT 241 Velica: The perfect entry-level microphone

The GXT 241 Velica is declared as an entry-level microphone, but it shines with extensive and above all exciting features. In addition to extensive workmanship, this also includes a tripod and a practical pop filter. Thus, the USB microphone is perfect for hobby streamers and sound recording in general. Plug n Play is praiseworthy. So you should be able to start immediately after connecting via USB cable.

Trust Gaming relies on a cardioid characteristic here. This is supposed to ensure that annoying background noise is faded out. The pop filter is supposed to provide for the reduction of crackling and noise. The application possibilities are supposed to be very extensive. Besides streaming, it is also supposed to be perfect for recording podcasts. Even amateur musicians are supposed to be able to use the mic for recording songs.

GXT 259 Rudox: Real professional sound

Trust Gaming is getting serious with the GXT 259 Rudox. Here, the manufacturer has developed a real professional microphone. In addition to a large reflection protection, it comes with a connection for latency-free monitoring. The cardioid characteristic is also found here. Trust Gaming wants to offer a complete package that is even suitable for studio-quality recordings. In addition to speech itself, musical instruments should also be able to be recorded in the best possible quality.

A great advantage of the professional microphone is a high-quality audio recording, which is transferred to the computer in full digital quality via the USB connection. It is certainly also practical that you do not need a separate mixing console with the GXT 269 Rudox. Instead, you can do monitoring without annoying latencies via the integrated headphone jack. In combination to other functions such as the mute buttons and the integrated mixer controller should probably make many sound professionals happy.

Prices and Availability

The two exciting microphones from Trust Gaming are available now at an MSRP of 59.99 euros and 189.00 euros respectively.

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