Twitch streamers must delete videos for copyright infringement

On the video portal Twitch it is common to transmit games, during the transmission there is of course also a sound, exactly here is a problem. Playing background noises and music from games in a video violates copyright law.

Videos must be deleted

Twitch is the video portal belonging to Amazon, which is specialized in the transmission of games. According to some reports from users, they now have to delete their videos because sound effects in the background violate copyright laws. Already a bird’s twitter and the buzzing of insects caused a warning for a streamer. As a result, the streamer had to delete the video from the archive because it violates the copyright of Hitman Blood Money. In a similar case, wind noises from World of Warcraft Classic were heard, and the warning was issued. In this case, the infringement was reported by the company marketing the sounds.

In addition, there have been other reports of banal sounds from a watch in Emily Wants To Play and police sirens in Persona 5, and Twitch is aware of the noise issue, but the company has yet to comment on it. Apart from the noises, the issue also concerns the music used. As a result, more and more warnings were issued last summer. It seems that several rights holders have become aware of the music used in the games during broadcasts. The consequence of all this was that the streamers had to delete partly very large and old archives with videos. Which of course meant not only an emotional loss, but also a financial loss. The warnings and reprimands can probably be traced back to the companies that created the noises and then sold or licensed them to the developers of the individual games. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which is the American regulation for the implementation of copyright law, serves as a basis.

Game developers want to find a remedy

The players’ developers have already recognized the problem and have already partially reacted. It is now possible with more and more games, via the audio option, to switch off the music of the game completely. So the streamers don’t have to turn it down bit by bit and only then switch it off. This would help the streamers.

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