USA vs. Huawei: Chinese company sues the FCC

There seems to be no easing of tensions between the USA and China. Even under the new US President Joe Biden, nothing has changed in the US sanctions against Chinese companies. One of the largest tech companies in China and the entire world seems to no longer want to put up with this. So Huawei has now filed a lawsuit against the still ongoing embargo.

Huawei sees no reason for sanctions

As grounds for its lawsuit, the company argues that the sanctions are simply unjustified. The U.S. government bases its sanctions on a national risk that Chinese companies allegedly pose to the United States. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in particular, sees these dangers. According to Huawei’s lawyers, this assessment is not only arbitrary, but also exceeds the FCC’s powers. However, the company’s chances of success are rather unlikely.

Exceeding powers questionable

The FCC was established as an independent authority by the US Congress. The main task of this institution is to regulate communication channels. This also includes the topic of broadcasting. In particular, the authority is concerned in this area with the approval of devices that serve communication. In addition to televisions, this also includes radios and computers. Accordingly, there can be no talk of overstepping competencies.

Prospects for Huawei poor

The Chinese company has already filed a complaint against the FCC in the past. However, this was already rejected. Also, if the FCC is responsible for corresponding approvals, the authority still owes the public evidence. Incidentally, the FCC itself speaks of an overwhelming evidence base. However, we do not know what exactly the institution means by this. It seems as if there is no relaxation in the economic-political relations between the U.S. and China. Certainly, not only the companies but also the Chinese leadership would have hoped for more from the change of president.

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