VanMoof S5 and A5: New edition of the cult E-bikes comes with exciting innovations

The S3 and X3 e-bike models from Dutch manufacturer VanMoof have already achieved cult status. On April 5, the Amsterdam-based company finally unveiled their successors, which surprisingly do not go by the names S4 and X4. The new e-bikes VanMoof S5 and A5 skip the number four and that has several reasons. We have compiled all the information.

VanMoof S5 and A5 officially presented: All the details

The successor to the iconic e-bike VanMoof S3 does not go by the name S4, but is called VanMoof S5. The reason: a simple continuation of the numbering would simply not do justice to the multitude of innovations of the e-bike. Sounds promising, and indeed the S5 and the brand-new A5 have some exciting innovations on board.

One obvious innovation can be found in the revised design of both e-bikes. The A5 replaces the X-series and offers, for the first time in the manufacturer’s history, a lower entry. The frame is presented in an “A-shape”, which is what prompted the name change. This means that the model is primarily aimed at smaller riders from a height of 1.55 meters. It is also said to be better suited for transporting loads – VanMoof even promises wholeheartedly that the A5 can carry as much load as a small city car. Thanks to smaller wheels compared to the S5 (24 inches), the A5 is also supposed to be more maneuverable.

Specifically, the VanMoof A5 is said to be suitable for people between 155 cm and 200 cm tall, while the new S5 is aimed at taller people (165 cm to 210 cm). In terms of design, the VanMoof S5 is much more closely aligned with the S3, but comes with some exciting new features and technical innovations.

VanMoof S5 and A5: Finally with removable battery

The permanently installed battery of the S3 was perhaps the biggest point of criticism of the iconic e-bike and it is precisely in this area that the manufacturer has now made improvements. So the VanMoof S5 hides now optionally whole two batteries in the top tube.

One of them, the so-called click battery (click-on battery), can be quickly and easily removed and charged inside the home, while the other is still permanently installed. The S5’s click battery alone has a capacity of 463 watt hours, while the permanently installed battery also has a capacity of 487 Wh.

Even without the battery pack, the S5 is supposed to have a range of between 60 and 150 km, depending on the driving style (A5: 55 km to 140 km, 463 Wh capacity). Combining both packs should add up to 150 km. Combined, you thus reach a whopping 950 watt hours in the case of the S5 and are thus on par with a trekking e-bike.

VanMoof S5 and A5
Image: VanMoof

Handlebars with halo LED rings

On the handlebars, the VanMoof S5 and A5 rely on novel halo LED rings that replace the matrix display integrated into the top tube of the previous models. This is intended to provide additional safety, as you can continue to concentrate on the road traffic without looking down.

The illuminated rings display real-time feedback on speed, battery status, unlocking and other information. The halo ring on the left provides information about the battery charge level, while the speed and assistance level are displayed on the right. The brightness of the LED rings can be dimmed in the VanMoof app if desired.

VanMoof S5
Halo LED light rings provide information about speed or battery level while riding. (Image: VanMoof)

With the help of an optional smartphone holder including USB-C port, the rider’s own smartphone can be mounted on the handlebars if desired and thus used as a digital dashboard to provide information about speed, distance traveled, riding time or battery level. Route guidance is also thus possible directly within the updated and redesigned VanMoof app.

New engine delivers higher torque

Also redesigned in the VanMoof S5 and A5 models is the engine. The quiet 48-volt Gen 5 motor now realizes 250 watts of power through the front wheel and supports four power levels. Instead of the four gears in the predecessor, the new models rely on just three gears, though they are said to transition seamlessly and much more smoothly.

In combination with the new torque sensor, which measures how hard you pedal, should so according to the manufacturer statement as “intuitive drive system work together to give you the smoothest and quietest riding experience”. Of course, the turbo boost known from the predecessor also returns, which now provides a full 68 Nm instead of 59 newton meters and thus lets you get going faster from a traffic light or tackle inclines more easily.

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Further improvements in safety

The VanMoof S5 and A5 also make further gains in safety aspects. On the one hand, the front and rear LED lighting is now even brighter. On the other hand, the innovative anti-theft “Kicklock” on the rear wheel has also undergone an update.

The bolt has been enlarged and the marking has been made clearer. When approached, the release now works even when the bike is stationary, whereas the S3 still had to be pushed a bit to make the bolt pop out.

VanMoof S5 Kick-Lock
The kick-lock on the VanMoof S5 has been redesigned. (Image: VanMoof)

The S5 and A5 can also be conveniently integrated directly into Apple’s “Where is?” service, allowing constant tracking of the e-bike. Optionally, VanMoof again offers Peace of Mind theft protection for a one-time fee of 348 euros, in which specially deployed “hunters” from the company track down and return a stolen e-bike.

Prices and availability

The new VanMoof S5 and A5 e-bikes will initially appear exclusively in a gray color scheme. Both models are now available for pre-order initially by signing up for a waiting list on the manufacturer’s website. The market launch is then expected to appear in July 2022.

Both the S5 and the A5 are priced at 2,498 Euros, which is mainly due to the currently prevailing lack of raw materials and chips, which already caused a hefty price increase for the S3 and X3. However, VanMoof hopes to be able to lower the prices again in the long run. More information about the VanMoof S5 and VanMoof A5 can be found on the manufacturer’s homepage.

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The S3 and X3 e-bike models from Dutch manufacturer VanMoof have already achieved cult status. On April 5, the Amsterdam-based company finally unveiled their successors, which surprisingly do not go by the names S4 and X4. The new e-bikes VanMoof S5 and A5 skip the number four and that has several reasons. We have compiled … (Weiterlesen...)

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