Wi-Fi 6 extension for the Amazon eero and eero Pro

With the eero and eero Pro, Amazon offers mesh WLAN systems that have now been expanded to include Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax). Both WLAN systems can already be pre-ordered in the USA. The availability in Germany is unfortunately not yet known.

Wi-Fi 6 offers not only a faster transfer rate, but also more performance for simultaneous data transfer. The eero and eero Pro, like the new Echo speakers and Echo Show 10, have a Zigbee hub. All smart home devices can be connected to each other via the Zigbee hub. By setting up the eero system with an Amazon account, all smart home devices that are linked via Alexa are automatically connected to eero.

The eero also has an Alexa skill, which makes it possible to control it via voice commands. The voice wizard can then be used to switch the device network on and off, for example.

The old eero components can also be operated in mixed mode with the new system. In this way, only individual components can be changed over. Depending on the frequency of the site. Access to Wi-Fi 6 under the new and old adapters is not possible, however.

The eero Pro 6

With the eero Pro 6, Internet connections of up to 1 Gbit/s can be served. Without affecting the bandwidth for end devices, communication between the individual WLAN access points is handled by a separate channel in the eero Pro 6. This is where the new eero Pro 6 again uses tri-band WLAN. The eero Pro comes with two LAN terminations. This allows devices such as media receivers or PCs to be connected directly via cable. The eero Pro 6 is available as a set of 2 and 3.

The eero 6

The eero 6 is recommended by Amazon for Internet connections up to a maximum of 500 Mbps. Amazon relies on DUAL-band WLAN for the eero 6 and also offers two LAN connections on the devices.


The eero Pro 6 costs $229 single in the USA. The 2 set costs $399 and the 3 set costs $599. We offer the predecessor as a 3-piece set for about 490 Euro.
In the USA, you pay $129 individually for the eero 6, $199 for the set of 2 and $279 for the set of 3.

When and at what price the new eeros will come to Germany is unfortunately not yet known.

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